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All features of Eve Water Guard
May 4, 2020 - by Lars - 3 Comments

A flood isn’t the only thing that causes water damage – those constant drips, trickles and puddles are often signs that damage is being done and disaster’s about to strike. This is why Eve Water Guard uses a sensing cable to monitor every critical nook and cranny of your home. You can also extend it to suit and lay it any which way you want.

So, if the worst happens and any part of the sensing cable gets wet, the siren on Eve Water Guard will go off, the accessory will flash red and, thanks to HomeKit’s special support for sensors, a notification will be displayed on your iPhone (if you’ve got a home hub). This makes Eve Water Guard an unparalleled water leak detector in terms of its full range of functions, wide-area monitoring and the reassuring feeling it offers.


Read on to learn more about what functions Eve Water Guard has and how you can use this accessory.


Siren, flashing light and text message alert

As soon as water penetrates the sensing cable’s braiding, the 100 dB siren on Eve Water Guard will sound and the LEDs on the rear of the accessory will flash red to serve as an additional visual alert. The red LEDs will continue to flash for as long as water is detected, but you can mute the siren via the Eve app – which is a breeze to do as the option pops up the moment you launch the app, provided of course a leak has been detected. 

HomeKit or the home hub (HomePod or Apple TV) will also provide a key additional alert in the form of a notification if the alarm gets triggered. This means you can have notifications sent to your iPhone so you’ll never have to be greeted by the worrying sight of water leaking everywhere should you be away from the source of the leak at the time or out of earshot of the siren.


All you have to do is make sure you’ve set up your HomeKit hardware correctly in the Home app: Go to the Home or Rooms view. Now use a 3D Touch or Haptic Touch gesture on the Eve Water Guard icon and then tap the gear icon in the detail view. Tap Status and Notifications, then activate Notifications on This iPhone.

Sensing cable, placement and testing

Thanks to electronic wizardry, Eve Water Guard knows the instant the sensing cable gets wet (for the techies out there: Eve Water Guard uses a resistive sensor whereby the ohmic resistance is changed if water penetrates the cable). Thanks to this principle, you can extend the sensing cable to an incredible 150 meters using the two-meter extension cables – enabling Eve Water Guard to monitor every nook and cranny of even the largest rooms or spaces, and not just the area directly beneath the wall outlet.

Hooking up the sensing cable to the base unit as well as connecting each section of cable couldn’t be easier either thanks to the 3.5 mm jack plug connectors, which ensure everything connects together securely and reliably for total peace of mind. 


You can also lay the cable any which way you want: Lay it in a circle to monitor your washing machine, clothes dryer, pumps and other free-standing appliances; loop it under your sink; or run it along the wall parallel to your basement windows. Once you’ve laid the sensing cable and added Eve Water Guard to your HomeKit home, the next step is to test the alarm.

You can test the alarm standing near the base unit without fear of your ears being blown off as the siren will ring out at a softer level. 


To get started, open the Eve app and tap Settings > Accessories > Eve Water Guard > Alarm Test > Start Alarm Test. You will then see a notification saying that HomeKit will consider the test alarm to have been triggered by an actual leak and so will send notifications to all connected and invited people. As such, be sure to pre-warn everyone that you’re about to run a test, then tap Continue.

You now have a three-minute window in which to wet the sensing cable to check the acoustic and visual alarms as well as the HomeKit notification function. If necessary, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone. This will enable you to check your home hub is working correctly and ensure you receive notifications even when you’re not at home.


Now simply plunge part of the sensing cable into a bowl of water.

The alarm will now go off: You’ll hear the siren; you’ll see the base unit flash red; and you’ll be notified by the Eve app and receive a HomeKit notification on your iPhone. Tap Done and the Eve app will end the procedure and log that you have completed the alarm test successfully. You can view the log by tapping the list icon in the detail view of Eve Water Guard. 


By default, the Eve app will prompt you to retest the alarm every three months. However, you can customize this interval and opt to be notified every 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or annually.

Automation: Water leak detected, dishwasher off

If you’ve got leaky household appliances, it makes sense to turn off the power to them using an automation to put the brakes on any further damage and headaches. To do so, just use a smart plug such as Eve Energy and a simple rule created in the Eve app that will ensure the troublesome appliance, such as your leaky dishwasher, is turned off should it spring a leak.

Open the Eve app and tap Automation > Rules > Add Rule > Next. Now select the trigger. If you don’t see Leak listed, select Other Value followed by Types > Leak. Enable Leak and set the value to Alert.

Skip the option to set Conditions and now select a scene. If you’ve not yet added the option to switch off the dishwasher, tap Add Scene. In the Add Actions window, navigate to the room where your dishwasher is located and set the option Dishwasher > Power > Off.

Give your scene a name such as Dishwasher Emergency Off, choose an icon and tap Done. Tap Next to give your rule a name (such as Water Off), tap Done. After a few moments, HomeKit will have synchronized the new automation with all accessories and home hubs so you can then perform a test using a bowl of water.

No bridge or starter set required.

Eve Water Guard works right out of the box, eliminating the need for additional accessories. You’ll need a home hub (HomePod or Apple TV) to receive notifications and run automations (e.g. to turn off a household appliance controlled by Eve Energy in the event of a water leak).


To expand your reach to Eve Water Guard in the furthest corners of your home, especially if you have a large apartment or house, you can use an Eve Extend Bluetooth Range Extender.

100% privacy

Eve accessories are designed to safeguard your personal data. All data is fully encrypted and only transferred directly between the Eve accessory and iPhone, iPad or home hub. Strong encryption verification during each connection attempt makes sure that only you hold the key to your home. Learn more


Learn here how to install Eve Water Guard

Connected Water Leak Detector
  • Avoid expensive water damage: Eve Water Guard detects water leaks, and alerts you the moment they occur
  • Alerts you acoustically with its 100 dB siren, visually by a red flashing warning light and notifies you via iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch
  • 6.5 ft / 2 m sensing cable (extendable up to 490 ft / 150 m) serves as a full-length sensor for monitoring large areas of your room 
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Thanks for reply! I was hoping it could serve double duties is all.
May 8, 2020
Sounds like a great device to add to my getting smarter home. I was curious if its also possible to use the water guard device as an action to a trigger in homekit, or eve? I dont have any sirens in my small space, and was wondering if the siren could be triggered if say a contact sensor was open, or door open.

May 8, 2020
Hello Jace!
I think you are mixing up some here. Eve Water Guard can act as a trigger. When water is detected the trigger fires and it could shut off a washing machine that is attached to an Eve Energy - this can be done.
What you want to do: Use a HomeKit enabled contact sensor as a trigger and Eve Water Guard in a scene to be executed.
This is not possible, sorry. Eve Water Guard alarm is for the accessory only.
Best regards, volker
May 8, 2020
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