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Five places where Eve Water Guard adds a watertight layer of protection
Feb 10, 2020 - by Ina - Comments

Water damage ranks among the most frequent forms of damage suffered by homeowners. It can be really annoying, with noisy dehumidifiers and pumps significantly impacting quality of life. If you fail to spot a leak, mold growth will wreak havoc on your health. It ruins your furniture and possessions. And you’ll end up needing to spend a whole heap of cash on extensive and costly renovations.


We’ve identified five potential problem areas where you should use Eve Water Guard to protect your home.

1. Washing machine 

No matter if yours is in the basement, kitchen, bathroom or utility room: if your washing machine starts leaking, you’ll need to jump into action right away. Lay the sensing cable of Eve Water Guard carefully around the base of your washing machine, and you’ll be alerted right away should it start spewing water. 


And when you combine it with an Eve Energy smart plug, you can switch off your washing machine automatically as soon as a leak is detected.


2. Kitchen floor

Wooden floors in kitchens really don’t take kindly to water leaks, with the failure to spot ongoing leaks hidden behind a kitchen plinth causing lasting damage. And your dishwasher isn’t the only culprit, as the pipework beneath your sink can also leak. With Eve Water Guard you can cover every nook and cranny in your kitchen with one single accessory by simply extending its sensing cable. It’s a breeze to do, for total peace-of-mind protection.

3. Sewage ejector pump

Eve Water Guard is also perfect for protecting basement rooms you don’t visit that often. Sewage ejector pumps are used to elevate wastewater from basement apartments or basement-level bathrooms or utility rooms to sewer pipe level. It’s not worth considering what could happen if the pump packs up, so fit Eve Water Guard and you’ll always be in the know.

4. Boiler

Your boiler can also cause water damage. No matter if a connector has corroded or your water softener has failed, fit Eve Water Guard and you’ll be able to identify any potential weak points in your heating system before your home gets flooded. Save yourself from disaster by simply laying the sensing cable on the floor around the equipment in your boiler room.

5. Basement

Heavy rain can hit at any time, and can leave your basement submerged in no time at all. If you’re away from home at the time the storm hits, you’ll have no clue it happened. And it may even take a couple of days until you discover the water damage in your basement. Guard against this by laying the sensing cable beneath air shafts and any windows there, and you’ll be alerted as soon as water enters your basement

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