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Cut your power consumption at home in three simple steps
Aug 11, 2020 - by Lars - 6 Comments

While technological progress and legislation have cut the power consumption of many household appliances, the onslaught of new types of devices that are always on, such as smart speakers, smart TVs and Wi-Fi range extenders, threatens to wipe out all the gains made. So, what can you do? Thankfully, Eve Energy and the Eve app feature a nifty power consumption function that lets you identify where you can achieve power savings without having to forgo any of the convenience offered by these new devices.


Eve Energy is also a really practical solution that won’t go sapping even more juice in the process. Eve Energy's Bluetooth transmitter has a negligible power output of just 1 mW and the accessory's overall consumption is significantly less than 1 W of power in any state – unlike other smart plugs out there that are always connected to your Wi-Fi network.



1. Set your electricity rate in the Eve app

The Eve app not only shows you how much power the appliance plugged in to your Eve Energy is consuming, but also keeps a record of how much power has been consumed and shows you the projected annual cost of powering this appliance based on these figures and your electricity rate. 

The Projected Cost offers a clear view of how much you’re spending. You’ll find it by going to the Rooms view and tapping the room name in which Eve Energy is located. 

Enter your electricity rate under Settings > General > Energy Cost

Made a change and want to check the impact? Modify the calculation basis by going to the detail view of Eve Energy and tapping the Projected Cost segment. Then select a different basis such as the last day or minute.

2. Measure standby power consumption, compare power-saving possibilities

With the above-mentioned functions of the Eve app and with Eve Energy set to calculate the projected cost based on the last day or week, you can check quickly and easily whether smart control of an appliance can reduce its standby power consumption and save your wallet and the environment in the process. You can cross some devices off the list right from the get-go, such as a HomePod or Wi-Fi router which are essential for HomeKit functions; however, audio systems such as soundbars, overzealous smart TVs and set-top boxes are certainly worth checking. Check this overview (The Ambient).



3. Turn off appliances when not in use

Using schedules

If you’ve got power-hungry appliances on standby during working hours or at night that are doing zilch during this time, they’re the perfect candidates for schedule-based control.

Does your smart TV like to readily dial out even when the screen is off? As you don’t need it from around midnight to the following late afternoon, add a schedule that powers it off.

Simply go to the Schedule segment in the detail view and tap the gear icon. Then, set the weekday power off time to 1 am and the power on time to 4:45 pm. Repeat the process for the weekend, but shift the times by an hour.

After a few days, check whether the projected annual cost has dropped.

Using presence

If nobody is home, your smart speaker is just wasting time waiting endlessly for someone to ask it something. Configure Eve Energy so that the smart speaker’s only on standby when somebody is home.

Open the Home app, then tap Automation followed by the plus button. Tap People Leave and then under When: choose Last person leaves. Now tap Next.

Swipe to the list of rooms with your assigned accessories, then tap the speaker followed by Next. Ensure that the chosen action is "Turn Off".

You can also add an automation where the event When: First person arrives turns on the same device again. And there you have it: everything is now as it should be for the last to leave and the first to return – and you’ve saved the environment and your wallet in the process.

Using sensors

Fetched some tools from the workshop, didn’t return them and ended up leaving the light on for hours? If this happens to you a lot, why not have the light turn off by itself? All you need to do is hook up your light to Eve Energy and get yourself a motion sensor such as Eve Motion.

In the Eve app, go to the detail view of Eve Motion and tap the Automation segment followed by Add Rule.

Enable the trigger Motion > Motion, then tap Add followed by Next. Skip the Conditions step.

Tap Add Scene > Add Actions and then select the action Power > On for the light in your chosen room. A second rule using the trigger Motion > None and the action Power > Off will then turn off the light at the end of the duration set in the accessory settings of Eve Motion.

The really slick thing about this solution is that Eve Motion "refreshes" the active scene each time motion is detected, so you’ll never find yourself being left standing in the dark having to wave your arms around wildly to turn on the light. 

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Hallo. Seit einem Raumwechsel misst meine Eve Energy keinen Verbrauch mehr. Selbst ein Zurücksetzen hat nichts gebracht: es wird - trotz eingeschaltetem Verbraucher mit knapp 100W - ein Verbrauch von 0W und ein Strom von 0,0A angezeigt.
Ist sie kaputt?
Nov 22, 2020
Hallo Lukas! Das sollte eigentlich klappen, nur unterhalb von 3-4 Watt Verbrauch wird der oft nicht angezeigt. Wenn auch ein Reset dan Problem nicht löst und kein Verbrauch oder Strom angezeigt wird, bist Du in der Nähe mit dem iPhone, dann müssen wir leider von einem Defekt ausgehen und das Eve Energy (EU) muss beim Händler getauscht werden, wenn es noch innerhalb der Gewährleistung ist. Viele Grüße, Volker
Nov 23, 2020
Jim Herman
I've watched YouTube to see >how< to set a simple On, Off trigger (schedule), but authors seem more enthused about packaging and easily accessed energy use data than HOW TO set triggers. I would like to set a trigger to work once a week, but I am not sure of the process. Once I have the simple On, Off, schedule worked out, the rest (for me) is easy.
Sep 15, 2020
Hello Jim!
Open the app Eve and goto Rooms > Eve Energy Strip and open it. Activate Schedule then tap the tiny wheel below On/Off. Set the start and stop for one of the outlets you want to run and only activate (blue) the day. Deactivate (light blue/grey) the others and you are set.
Bast regards, Volker
Sep 16, 2020
Ich würde gerne eine Timerfunktion mit der Eve Energy bauen. In meinem Fall möchte ich, dass wenn die Wnergy ausgeschaltet wird, sie sich nach zwei Stunden automatisch wieder einschaltet.
Leider finde ich aber nur Zeitpläne und keinen Timer. Habe ich etwas übersehen oder können Sie mir einen Tipp geben?

Vielen Dank
Aug 26, 2020
Hallo Caroline!
Das geht leider nicht in HomeKit, weder mit der Eve-Funktion Zeitplan, noch mit HomeKit-basierten Automationen. Vielleicht lässt sich da etwas mit der App Kurzbefehle von Apple bauen, ich bin da allerdings überfragt.
Viele Grüße, Volker
Aug 27, 2020
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