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Eve Thermo Adapter
Mar 30, 2019 - by Volker - 21 Comments

Like other thermostats, Eve Thermo comes with a standard M30x1.5 connection for your heater’s valve. In addition, the box contains RA, RAV and RAVL adapters for Danfoss heaters. Eve Thermo can easily be connected to over 90 percent of all radiators without requiring any type of adapter. Only those who have very old radiators in their homes or who use unique solutions require adapters to connect Eve Thermo to their radiator valves.


Those looking for a suitable adapter to connect Eve Thermo to a very old or rare heating system can find information on valves and adapters at Energenie UKHeating Controls Online or Conrad UK.


Eve Thermo is made in Germany by EUROtronic, which specializes in heating controls.

Oventrop valve without support for motor-driven TRVs

Adapter connecting Oventrop valve to Heimeier with support for motor-driven TRVs

Mounted adapter

Eve Thermo working with an adapter

Bonjour, je n'arrive pas a installer eve thermo sur mon radiateur, les adaptateurs fournis ne semblent pas me permettre de visser le tête thermostatique dessus

Jan 11, 2021
Bonjour. Nous ne fournissons que les 3 adaptateurs les plus utilisés sur le marché (Danfoss RA, RAV et RAVL). Contactez le support technique sur pour obtenir d'autres listes d'adaptateurs.
Jan 12, 2021
Jassim Lamrabti
Good day,
Just got my new eve termo but it won’t connect to my valve, could you help me finding an adapter for this valve.

best Regards

Foto of valve :
Dec 30, 2020
Hallo Jassim! You can't see it by looking the valve. Please send me an email at [email protected] and let me know the manufacturer name that is printed on the old manual thermostat. Best regards, Volker
Dec 31, 2020
Hi! Is thermostat compatible with Purmo valves?
Dec 29, 2020
Hello Normunds! You'd need to check for the valve used there. Eve Thermo comes with a standard connector M30x1,5 and adapters für Danfoss RA, RAV and RAVL. Best regards, Volker
Dec 31, 2020

I just bought 4 Eve Thermo (Second generation) and tried to install them on my heaters. I am using a M30x1 to M30x1.5 adapter from Oventrop (bought on, metal version, should be the first listing at the top).

Eve Thermo starts calibrating, you can hear the valve opening and closing but it always fails at about 75% of the progress bar giving me a „general installation error“. Resetting did not help either.

Any ideas that could get these things running? I can provide pictures of my heater when needed.
Oct 14, 2020
Hello Dominik!
This should not happen if the adapter is the correct one for the valve on your heater. Are you sure the adapter you got is the correct one? What was the manufacturer name on the old manual thermostat? You may want to contact me by mail at [email protected] to not open an ongoing thread here. Best regards, volker
Oct 15, 2020
I have bought 6 eve thermo. We replaced piping and valves for our house. Brand new valves are danfoas RA-N models. I get constant E1 calibration error. I tested these before piping work, we had danfoss ravl valves and only one radiator I was able to calibrate thermo at that time, didnt spend much time thinking this as new valves were coming. But now still e1 error from multiplw valves and thermos.
Sep 16, 2020
Hello Tero!
For a RA-N valve you need a special adapter to M30x1,5. No way using the provided ones, they are only for Danfoss RA, RAV and RAVL.
Best regards, Volker
Sep 18, 2020
I have purchased 7 of these eve-thermo's 2 of them fit my floor level radiators without issue however the thread on the wall mounted radiators and the full wall bathroom radiator they dont the thread is too big if I use the smallest of the 3 adapters then the thread is too big
Sep 5, 2020
Hello Shane!
Please check for the brand name printed on the old manual thermostat. It will give you a hint what adapter is to be used. You may also contact me at [email protected]
Best regards, volker
Sep 7, 2020
Tóth Norbert
Hello! I would like to ask if eve thermo is compatible with this radiator valve? Or do I need to replace the valve?
Aug 31, 2020
Hello Tóth!
I don't know any adapter that would fit here. I would gon for a new valve at best with the standard M30x1,5.
Best regards, volker
Sep 2, 2020
Norbert, Your valve can't work with connected valves as it seems to be an old manual one which must be opened/closed by turning the button by the hand. That kind of valves must be replaced by thermostatic ones.
Dec 30, 2020
Hi Volker,

thanks, this did it!!!

actually all I needed to do was step 7+8

This situation happened with three valves. Worked and calibrated last year, not this year...

Nice work around.... I was slowly thinking I needed other adapters....

Anyway thanks a lot !!!!

Aug 30, 2020
Hey Mark, glad it worked, I was pretty sure it will.
This just happens.
I wich you a great start into the week, Volker
Aug 31, 2020
I had Eve thermo working last year, now the batteries were dead so I replaced them. Now it will not calibrate anymore...

What to do?
Aug 29, 2020
Hello Mark,
Please try the following step-by-step procedure including the trick with the 2 cent coin. We have recently learned that around 10% of the valves used in Germany have a slightly too small stroke, the coin compensates for this.

1. Delete Eve Thermo from Eve app
2. Un-mount Eve Thermo and make sure that you can move the valve on heater side (if not use grease and eventually hit the valve's body with a hammer to solve the problem)
3. Put new batteries in Eve Thermo ("Er" means either calibration problem or discharged batteries)
4. Press one of the arrow on screen until "Er" disappears (the screen will then show "no", which means "mounting" and the valve will move to a correct mounting position)
5. Hard reset Eve Thermo until the 66/99 appears on the LED.
6. Re-pair Eve Thermo in Eve app and follow instructions to mount it and calibrate it.
7. Insert a 2 cent coin into the valve holder of Eve Thermo.
8. Follow the assembly and calibration instructions.

If the code ER does not appear on the display of the Eve Thermo during step 4, please skip this step.
Aug 30, 2020

Where to buy this adapter?

Jun 9, 2020
Hello Argo!
Depends on the valve the heater is using. Most customers search at Amazon or other places. You need to search for M30x1,5 and the valve name you have. Best regards, volker
Jun 9, 2020
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