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Eve Thermo Adapter
Mar 30, 2019 - by Volker - 2 Commentaires

Like other thermostats, Eve Thermo comes with a standard M30x1.5 connection for your heater’s valve. In addition, the box contains RA, RAV and RAVL adapters for Danfoss heaters. Eve Thermo can easily be connected to over 90 percent of all radiators without requiring any type of adapter. Only those who have very old radiators in their homes or who use unique solutions require adapters to connect Eve Thermo to their radiator valves.


Those looking for a suitable adapter to connect Eve Thermo to a very old or rare heating system can find information on valves and adapters at Energenie UKHeating Controls Online or Conrad UK.


Eve Thermo is made in Germany by EUROtronic, which specializes in heating controls.

Oventrop valve without support for motor-driven TRVs

Adapter connecting Oventrop valve to Heimeier with support for motor-driven TRVs

Mounted adapter

Eve Thermo working with an adapter

2 Commentaires

Where to buy this adapter?

Jun 9, 2020
Hello Argo!
Depends on the valve the heater is using. Most customers search at Amazon or other places. You need to search for M30x1,5 and the valve name you have. Best regards, volker
Jun 9, 2020
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