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Automatic multi-zone lawn and flowerbed irrigation made easy
Jul 19, 2019 - by Ina - Comments

Summertime is upon us – and that means, of course, summer vacation! Having equipped our potted plants on the patio to survive a few days without us, we now turn our attention to the yard. After all, we want our grass to be green when we return from our two-week vacation.


That said, we have neither the time nor the inclination to install an underground sprinkler system. We want an affordable option that works and can be easily modified at any time.


With a corner house flanked by a yard with several beds, we have a lot of different areas to water. We’ll admit, it seemed a bit daunting at first, but in the end it only took us about 5-6 hours. 

Setting up watering periods 

Using the latest version of the Eve app – Eve 3.8 – we’re now able to run a Gardena Automatic Water Distributor with up to six different watering periods, which allows us to water up to six areas one after the other. The distributor is a mechanical device that receives water through one input and distributes it through six outlets. That way you can connect sprinklers, drip systems, misters and more. When the water pressure stops, the distributor switches to the next outlet.


What makes this system smart is Eve Aqua, which you connect between your faucet and the Gardena distributor. Use the Eve app to easily set up different watering periods for each of the six outlets.


This is what our setup looks like:


  • Outlet 1: Micro-drip watering system for our patio potted plants
    (read how we set that up here
    Water for 8 minutes, daily

  • Outlet 2: Grass east side
    Water for 20 minutes, 3x weekly

  • Outlet 3: Hedge east side
    Water for 1 hour, 3x weekly

  • Outlet 4: Grass, raised flower bed & perennial bed
    Water for 30 minutes, daily

  • Outlet 5: Rock garden north side 
    Water for 4 minutes, daily


And it was so simple to set up in the Eve App:

Any unused outlets can be locked using a lever – outlet 6 in our case.


It’s important to remember that the Gardena Distributor is a mechanical device that switches to the next outlet based on the loss of water pressure – so from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3, and so on. The system activates each unlocked outlet, even if on some days it’s only set for one minute.


For example, our grass on the east side doesn’t need to be watered every day. So, set outlet 2 to be activated on Mondays for 20 minutes and on Tuesdays for only one minute. The Eve app allows you to match the programmed watering periods to the needs of each individual area of your yard. We also recommend inserting brief pauses between the watering periods so that the water pressure in the distributor drops.

Flexibility at its finest 

We have some spots that don’t need to be watered regularly. To reach them, we simply connect standard hoses. If multiple spots need the same amount of water, we can add a 3-way Y coupling to distribute the water to those spots (outlet 4 in our case).


We can then add sprinklers or micro-drip systems depending on what needs to be watered. Just like on our patio, this works in our perennial beds by connecting a garden hose and connecting pipe (black) through a micro-drip-master unit.

You can lay the connecting pipe through the entire bed (ours was some 30 m), adding more connecting pipes, if necessary, using T-joints or 4-way couplings. Then you can add all types of  spray nozzles or drip heads anywhere along the way. Keep in mind that you’ll need a mechanical  installation tool. Simply drill into the side of the raised bed to run the connecting pipe through it.


All in all, this project took an intuitive app, the right hardware, and a whole lot of hose and hose connectors! It really went faster than we thought and by afternoon we were relaxing contently on the patio. Summer vacation, here we come!


And the great thing about this setup is that if it does rain while we’re away, it only takes a few taps in the app to put the system on hold. But you’ll need a home hub for that. Eve recommends HomePod mini, HomePod or Apple TV 4K.

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How would the eve know which zone to water? I know how to create watering schedules and etc but if you are using a single eve Aqua how will it to know when to run zone one on Monday at 3:00 am
Feb 24, 2023
Hello Tommy! When using the Gardena 6-way this is pretty easy. Using Schedule the first 'exit' of the Gardena is used for the first watering, then it switches to the second outlet. Best regards, Volker
Feb 28, 2023
Hi, I want to set up my water to run for more than 7 schedules daily, as I have 6 zone in total, but some area such as veg garden need water more than once daily. In order to switch everything back to line one at end of day. I need more than 7 schedules daily.
Can I set it up with dummy on/ off with time duration with HomePod mini ? And how can I do it ?
Oct 20, 2022
Hello Leo! In case you need more than 7 waterings per day you need to set the additional using automations with the time as the trigger. Best regards, Volker
Oct 25, 2022
Hello, how can i setup 2 watering period a day? I would like to watering in the morning and in the evening as well.
Jul 3, 2022
Hello Balzas! You may set up to 7 waterings per day with the function Schedule in Eve. In case you need more you need to use automations with the time as the trigger and watering in the scene. A home hub in range is mandatory then, an Apple TV 4/4K or HomePod/mini. Best regards, Volker
Jul 5, 2022
When can we expect an Eve Soil Moisture sensor product that uses Thread? This would enable far more efficient watering and automation. Then we can set moisture level thresholds in the app that always ensure watering only when needed. The distance needed to reach a desired area could also be enabled by multiple Thread sensors.
Aug 16, 2021
Hello Rotax! Thanks for your comment, I'll forward your request to the team. As of today our customers use the soil moisture sensor from Gardena along with their gateway. Best regards, Volker
Aug 17, 2021
Hi! Any updates on moisture sensor integration? Thanks!
May 11, 2022
Hello Lukyer! Ad I said, I would go with the moisture sensor from Gardena, many customers do. Best regards, Volker
May 12, 2022

I see we can use the Gardena moisture sensor, but should it be connected to the Gardena gateway !?
May 31, 2022
Hello Michael! The Gardena moisture sensor needs their gateway to integrate into HomeKit. Best regards, Volker
Jun 1, 2022
Germán Cruz
Are you planning to support also Google home in a future? I'm switching to android shortly and I really love my eve aqua
Jul 8, 2021
Hello Germán! As of today we don't have a solution here. But Eve Systems is member of Matter, so this may happen later this years/early next year. At least for the Eve accessories that support Thread. Best regards, Volker
Jul 9, 2021
I've just reinstalled the Eve app (legacy) on my iphone but each time I want to schedule or modify previous schedule, I have the message 'Hub required"
But before the move to Apple home kit, Eve app was allowing to schedule watering.
What am i doing wrong or is it mandatory to use Apple home ?? (in such case, a better information is required)
Jun 18, 2021
Hello Amaud! Please use 'Eve for HomeKit' if possible. There goto Rooms > room with Eve aqua > Eve Aqua and open it. Tap on the tiny wheel and set the Schedule. Best regards, Volker
Jun 20, 2021
Hello, I got an Eve Aqua. I understood the watering schedule can be skipped based on weather forcast. I really like that feature. I will be using the same gardena water distributor with the six outlets. Is there a way to assure the schedule will be followed for all six, or skipped for all?
If it skips one, or a few. My schedule will be out of sync and the wrong outlets will be activated.
Br henkjan
Jun 16, 2021
Hello Henkjan! As the Eve Aqua is connected with the gardena when the Shortcut kicks in the schedule will be skipped, so all waterings. It would resume the next day. Best regards, Volker
Jun 17, 2021
Thanks. Right, so in conjunction with Siri shortcuts. I thought eve aqua could do it autonomously since it needs my home address for a schedule. Why does it require the address info then? Br
Jun 17, 2021
Hello Henkjan! The home is needed for setting Schedule at all because the time zone is based on it. Best regards, Volker
Jun 17, 2021
Couldn’t you have taken the setup further by integrating the Eve Weather for weather based interruptions (humidity, air pressure, etc.)? I don’t own either, nor use HomeKit, so I am unfamiliar as to whether or not this is possible. If not, that’s a huge miss on integration in my opinion.
Jun 6, 2021
Hello Scott! All Ev accessories are Homekit exclusive. Without HomeKit it will just display temperature and humidity plus weather trend. Best regards, Volker
Jun 7, 2021
Will the Eve Aqua work with a Melnor 2 zone automatic water timer if I put it on manual and create the zones in the Eve Aqua app?
Melnor 2-Zone Automatic Water Timer
Mar 21, 2021
Hello D! It makes no sense as the Eve Aqua is a watering computer itselft. I would use either. Best regards, Volker
Mar 22, 2021
Hi, there is something I'd like to clear up: if I program my Eve Aqua with my iPhone via Bluetooth say for watering something 2 times a day, is it correct saying that I can walk away and the Eve Aqua will run the watering program without using any other device as Apple TV or anything else? Means the watering program is stored within the memory of Eve Aqua?
Thanks for your reply in advance.
Apr 25, 2021
Hello Lajos! This is correct when using the Eve function Schedule. You have to be close to Eve Aqua with the iPhone to set it up. It gets then transferred from the iPhone to Eve Aqua and is executed there if you are around or not. You do not need a home hub for this functionality. Best regards, Volker
Apr 26, 2021
The Gardena products are not distributed in United States. How do I find/locate a US distributor?
Dec 29, 2020
Hello Rene! Most of our customers get their Gardena devices/accessories at Amazon US. Best regards, Volker
Dec 31, 2020
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