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Make your home smart the easy way by equipping it with HomeKit-enabled smart plugs. They’re super intuitive to use and you can set them up in no time at all. Once that’s done, you're ready to make your lamps and appliances smart and control them via an app, using easy-to-learn voice commands, based on a schedule or even by your presence.


Within minutes, you’ll have a Siri-enabled Christmas tree, your reading lamp will turn on in the evening automatically and your fan will start with a simple tap. Eve Energy also offers additional features including autonomous schedules, a power meter and a child lock – which is why our smart plug is one of the best-selling HomeKit products out there

Easier to set up and more secure


Another of Eve Energy’s stand-out features is that it supports both Thread and Bluetooth. Compared to even the latest Wi-Fi chips, which are still power-thirsty, Thread and Bluetooth are energy-saving, high-performance wireless technology standards – perfect for smart plugs that are usually only ever switched on and off a few times a day. Eve Energy is also easy to set up and works completely independently of your home network, saving you the hassle of having to jump through all the set up and security hurdles – who needs yet another device crowding their home network anyway?! 


Eve Energy joins your Thread network automatically. As a router node, Eve Energy relays other Thread accessories’ data packages and enhances the stability and reach of your smart home. Thread accessories don’t need a proprietary bridge to communicate with each other – they simply need a Border Router, which for HomeKit over Thread is HomePod mini. Discover all you need to know about HomeKit over Thread here


You can even add Thread support to your latest-generation Eve Energy simply by updating the accessory’s firmware. Discover if your Eve Energy can support Thread by visiting


For best performance, plug Eve Energy directly into a wall outlet and only plug one appliance into the accessory – don’t go plugging Eve Energy into a power strip, and don’t go plugging one into the accessory either. Eve Energy is rated for a maximum current of 11 A / 2500 W (European model; see this link for all other variants). Eve Energy is the only smart plug with HomeKit technology that bears the TÜV Rheinland seal, offering you unparalleled reliability. To get started with installing and customizing Eve Energy, simply follow these steps: 

Open the Eve app and tap Settings > Accessories > Add Accessory to [your home] to access the HomeKit dialog. Name your plug and add it to a room. Also choose an appropriate type so HomeKit can select an icon and suitable category for Siri. You can additionally assign the default HomeKit scenes to Eve Energy at this stage too.

The Eve app will now let you drill down and add further details to the type. Tap one of the three entries to choose from the range of accessories and icons on offer – and if you want, you can customize the name.

You can change everything at a later stage by going to Settings > Accessories > and then tapping the Eve Energy accessory. Here you can also change when/if the status LED lights up and set its brightness level to suit your needs and the room. 
Top tip: Use the Child Lock button to lock the on/off switch and prevent anyone accidently switching off your freezer or aquarium pump.  

Eve Energy in the Eve app


The detail view of Eve Energy contains the main controls such as the power on/off button, the schedule editor, plus a range of report and measurement functions showing you when Eve Energy was last switched on/off, how much power is currently being consumed and the projected cost. You can also display additional parameters such as current and voltage in the detail view and change the order in which everything is arranged simply by tapping Edit. 


The Eve app not only shows you how much power the appliance plugged into your Eve Energy is consuming, but also keeps a record of how much power has been consumed and shows you the projected annual cost of powering this appliance based on these consumption figures and your electricity rate. 

Enter your electricity rate under Settings > General > Energy Cost. The default is the average tariff for the country in which you are located (to do that, you just need to allow Eve to access your location).

Used a schedule to change the time you switch on an appliance or do you want to see what impact it’ll have? Change the calculation basis in the detail view of Eve Energy by expanding the Projected Cost segment and selecting a different basis such as the last day or minute.

In the detail view you can display the Total Consumption and Total Cost graphs by hour, day, week or month simply by tapping the i icon beneath each graph. In the Total Consumption view, you can display the information in a list or even export it in a spreadsheet format by tapping the share icon.

If you use several Eve Energy or Eve Energy Strip accessories, the Rooms > Types view gives you a concise overview of how much it’s costing you to power your appliances. 

Top tip: You don’t need to worry about Eve Energy adding to your electricity bill as it only consumes a negligible amount of power at significantly less than 1 W.  See here how to cut your power consumption in three simple steps.

Autonomous schedules

Like several other Eve accessories, Eve Energy (Europe, U.K., U.S. & Canada), also offers you autonomous schedules. They are stored on the accessory itself and even run when Eve Energy is not connected to your iPhone or home hub. They’re perfect for countless purposes as you can add schedules based on sunrise or sunset. Want to set your plant light to bathe your plant in a constant stream of growth-promoting light with a break at nighttime? 

Simply go to the Schedule segment in the detail view and tap the gear icon. Then, set the weekday power off time to 2 hours after sunset and the power on time to 2 hours before sunrise.

If you want Eve Energy to control a lamp to give the impression that someone’s home, program Eve Energy to turn it on daily at different times so potential burglars will have a hard time identifying a pattern.

If you plug in an appliance that you use differently on weekdays and weekends, such as an espresso machine, simply configure Eve Energy to turn it on early enough on workdays so it starts to warm up ready to serve up an espresso when you get to the kitchen.

Top tip: Other Eve accessories, including Eve Thermo, Eve Aqua, Eve Light Switch (EU / US), and the sister product of Eve Energy – the smart power strip Eve Energy Strip – also feature these handy autonomous schedules. Please note that this feature is not available for Eve Energy models sold in China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

HomeKit automations

Using automations to switch the power on or off makes sense if you need to control several appliances at once or if you only want them to be active when you’re actually at home. This is where HomeKit comes into play (or more accurately: an essential home hub). 

The example rules below each trigger a scene, which in turn activates Eve Energy and the connected appliance. You can add these scenes quickly and easily via the detail view of your accessory. Tap the Automation segment and then Add Scene. In the case of a lamp, set the target value for Power to ON, test your scene, and then complete the scene by entering a name and choosing an icon (such as "movie night" and the armchair icon). 

Create an automation which triggers your movie night scene when you enter the family room in the evening. To do so, tap Automation > Rules > Add Rule > Next > Add Trigger > Accessory > Motion and then choose MOTION as the trigger value for the Eve Motion accessory in that room. Following that, as a Time Condition set the TYPE to DAY EVENT, the RELATION to AFTER and the TIME to SUNSET. Now all you need to do is select the movie night scene.

If you don’t have a motion detector, you can instead use your presence as determined by your iOS device as a trigger – at appropriate times, of course. Simply tap Add Trigger > Leaving or arriving at location > ARRIVING AT [...] > Add. As the Time Condition, this time select TYPE > EXACT TIME, RELATION > AFTER and set the TIME to 5 pm. Once again, complete the process by selecting your movie night scene.

Top tip: In many respects the Apple Home app offers fewer automation options than the Eve app. However, it does offer several special options due to the privacy architecture of HomeKit. Thus, the Home app lets you add rules that run based on your or a family member’s presence such as "When somebody/nobody is home" or "When I am home/When I am not at home". Scenes which remain active for a set duration are another automation option exclusive to the Home app. While rules and scenes configured in the Home app are displayed in the Eve app, you can’t change them at the relevant points. 

Control using Siri

Smart plugs and Siri are a match made in heaven. First, you can phrase really simple commands as the plugs only have an on or off state. Second, you can tag plugs in multiple ways because they carry a Siri name, represent a type of accessory and are assigned to scenes, groups, rooms or zones. 


Control using the Siri name: "Hey Siri, turn on the Christmas Tree."


Control based on device type: "Hey Siri, is my light on?"


Control as part of a scene: "Hey Siri, Good Morning!"


Control as part of a group: "Hey Siri, turn off all kitchen appliances."


Control by room: "Hey Siri, turn off the power in the Bathroom."


Control by zone: "Hey Siri, turn on the air dehumidifiers in the Basement."




Use cases

with Eve Motion: 
Automate your festive lights with Eve Energy and Eve Motion


with Eve Room:
Improve indoor air by automating your dehumidifier
Tackle dry air caused by your heating


Enhance your morning routine:
Lighting the Way to a Peaceful Routine
Enjoy the perfect espresso in a shot with Eve Energy serving it up nice and hot 
The perfect way to start your day – with HomeKit



Increase the reach of your devices

Add HomePod mini to your home and your latest-generation Thread-enabled Eve Energy will be able to communicate via Thread – the mesh network that reaches even the farthest corners of your abode. This happens automatically without you needing to configure anything. A Full Thread Device, such as Eve Energy, can act as a router node and relay data packets from other Thread devices. 


To view the structure of your Thread network and see where you can make improvements, simply go to the Settings area of the Eve app and tap Thread Network. Among other things, you’ll be able to tell which nodes your Thread devices use to communicate and whether you can further improve the stability and reach of your network and devices by adding one more Eve Energy or moving one to a better location.


If you don’t have a HomePod mini, you can simply use Eve Extend. Eve Extend connects directly to Eve accessories beyond the reach of your iPhone or home hub, and makes them available across your Wi-Fi network.

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Any plan for a dimmer function? This would be for a string of dimmable 120V LED lights.
May 12, 2021
Hello Mikael! Sorry, but we don't have any plans to implement a dimmer function. Best regards, Volker
May 12, 2021
Hi! Would it be possible to add a timer, switching off the device once the onboard button is triggered? Regards,
May 9, 2021
Hello Björn! Sorry but this is not possible in HomeKit. Some customers use the app Shortcuts from Apple to get this done. Best regards, Volker
May 10, 2021
Hi, if i dont have an Homepod or a Thread bridge (i have an 4gen Apple TV) can it still connect to Homekit when im not home? Like connecting to Apple Tv via bluetooth or something? Thanks
May 7, 2021
Hello Valentino! Sure you can. When using an Apple TV 4 it will act as a home hub, provide remote access but will connect using Bluetooth. Best regards, Volker
May 7, 2021
Hello, I wish to create a scene were I can switch on a light for a period of time. Say 30 minutes then it switches off automatically. Eg Hey Siri switch bedtime lamp on. It should also be possible to switch on and of the lamp normally eg Hey Siri Switch lamp on/off. Is this possible?
Apr 29, 2021
Hello Steven! Sorry, but this is not possible in HomeKit. Only inside an automation where turning on light is part of the scene this can be deactivated after 30 minutes. You may be able to get this done with the help of the app Shortcuts from Apple. Best regards, Volker
Apr 30, 2021
What’s happen if the Eve energy smart plug pass through a power outage?
Does remember the last state?
Apr 29, 2021
Hello Raul! Correct, once power is back the last state will be established. Best regards, Volker
Apr 29, 2021
Is there an option to enable a rule or automatisation that when the energy consumption falls below or above "x", the eve energy plug turns off for a duration for "y"?
Apr 28, 2021
Hello Sascha! Sorry, but both is not possible with HomeKit. Best regards, Volker
Apr 29, 2021
My house is relatively spread out over numerous floors in a typical concrete construction found in Taiwan. Wifi does not work so well, and so I look forward to having Thread-enabled devices to help propagate signals.

Will your products sold in Taiwan be Thread enabled ? Or can they be by updating their firmware ?
Apr 27, 2021
Hello Matt! If even Wi-Fi is not working well in your home I am not sure about Thread, it is IPv6. In terms of versions, Thread enabled Eve Energy (US/UK/EU) are available. There is no way updating the firmware on other regional models as the radio for IPv6 is missing from the chipset on the accessory. Best regards, Volker
Apr 28, 2021
Does Eve Energy expose an trigger when energy usage exceeds a set amount? This way I can use it to trigger other scenes when a device is in use or not in use.
Apr 27, 2021
Hello Lacrocious! This is not possible with HomeKit, sorry. Best regards, volker
Apr 28, 2021
Peter Henning
In which condition could you use the current Eve Energy (EU)(gen4) outdoors? Is there an outdoor version planned with higher IP rating?
Mar 14, 2021
Hello Peter! Eve Energy (EU) is for indoor use only. Some customers use it outside but is has to be covered because of 0°C - 35°C / 32°F - 104°F, 5% - 95% humidity. No plans for an outdoor version. Best regards, Volker
Mar 14, 2021
We’re using the Eve Energy Smart Plug to automate our Victorian farmhouse in the Welsh borders. A terrific product.
Jan 15, 2021
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