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Feb 15, 2021 - by slavikus - Comments

Routers, endpoints, nodes, partitions – this article is somewhat of a more technical description of Thread, the future-proof smart home networking technology that enables a new generation in your HomeKit-enabled smart home.

Make the most of Thread

First, if you haven't already installed the Eve app, you may want do so now. We recently added a feature conveniently named "Thread Network" in the Settings section, which can survey your home's Thread network setup and display a whole slew of information: Which accessories are connected to which other accessories? How is the network laid out? What connection quality does each Router have?


Surveying your Thread network works best when you have at least one Eve accessory that can act as a Router (more on that later) and when your iPhone or iPad is on the same local network as your HomePod mini. 


We are actively working on improving the Thread Network view with each new release of the Eve app, and after reading this post, you will certainly be able to understand better what that is all about. And while these are just first steps in that direction, the Eve app delivers still much more than any other tool out there due to the capabilities and integration of the state-of-the-art Eve accessories.


Our goal here is to help you build smarter homes and make your daily life a little bit more convenient. Of course all while preserving your privacy, which continues to be one of our key pillars for everything we design and produce – absolutely no information about your network ever leaves your local devices.

How did we get here?

Before digging into what Thread is, let us briefly explore the history of the topic. The two original, native connectivity options for HomeKit-enabled accessories are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy.


Both technologies have tradeoffs: While Wi-Fi usually offers a greater range and quicker response times, these advantages go hand in hand with a very high energy demand, making it unsuitable for battery-powered devices and a bad choice even for mains-powered accessories that would waste a significant amount of energy by using this technology. And as the number of Wi-Fi devices increases in a home, some internet routers are starting to struggle with so many devices or may even run out of allocated IP address range for the home network. In contrast, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is completely decoupled from the home network strain and highly energy efficient. Yet due to the protocol's constraints, Bluetooth connectivity is less responsive in larger setups and usually delivers a smaller range due to the low energy footprint. 


Focusing exclusively on HomeKit-enabled accessories using native connectivity options, Eve naturally embraced both options, carefully choosing the appropriate technology for each accessory's use case. To mitigate some of the disadvantages of Bluetooth connectivity, Eve Extend was introduced to combine the advantages of  both technologies for more demanding setups.


There is definitely awareness for all of these technological challenges across the industry, which sparked the development and broad support for Thread as the next-generation networking platform tailored to be used in the smart home, including Apple's strong commitment and inclusion as a pillar of HomeKit-enabled accessories. 



Join us in being an early adopter

Why is Eve a first-mover on Thread you may ask? We are thrilled about all the advantages it has to offer. First, it is a peer-to-peer mesh network, which means the devices do not need a direct connection to a central hub to communicate with each other. Second, it is designed to be a self-maintaining and self-healing network, so even if some devices come and go, the connection will still be kept alive and the network will automatically reconfigure itself as needed. Third, it is designed from the ground up with the smart home in mind, which means a special focus is made on the battery life and power consumption for the devices that do not have a permanent power supply. 


With Eve Door & Window, we are the first company to get a battery-powered HomeKit over Thread accessory in the hands of everyone. And this is just the beginning: we are in the process of updating our portfolio of Bluetooth-enabled accessories to include Thread connectivity in each product's new generation. So naturally, we've gathered a lot of knowledge around Thread, which we are eager to share. Enough introductory words, let's dive in! 

Thread networking deep-dive 

As stated earlier, Thread is a mesh network. Which means, the devices on the network can talk to each other independently of some bridge or central hub. Even more so, they can relay messages to other devices by passing them through so they reach some device otherwise inaccessible due to the range, walls, or other factors. And the network can organize itself independently if some devices disconnect from the network.


Thread Roles


The Thread network consists of two types of roles: Routers and Endpoints. And this role is not fixed – if a device is capable of routing, it can be either, depending on the current network situation and demands. Each device on a Thread network is called a node


Let us dig deeper. Router nodes are meant to route information packets around the network. A Router node may have some Endpoints, too – the Router is considered a Parent. Mains-powered Thread accessories that are always on, such as Eve Energy, can act as Routers within your Thread network and relay data packets.

Endpoint nodes (also known as End Devices or Children) are the ones that are attached to a particular Router node and are not participating in the packet routing, but they still can send and receive. A Router-capable device can act as an Endpoint, but the devices that are meant to be Endpoint-only (also called Minimal Thread Devices), such as battery powered ones, cannot be a Router


Each Router node has a connection to every other Router node; each Endpoint node only maintains a connection to its parent Router node

The Thread network also has a so-called Leader node, which is responsible for promoting other capable Endpoint nodes to Router nodes and back. This is not something built-in, static or even especially important – any Router node is capable of being a Leader and these get elected in a somewhat random manner based on the current network conditions. 


There is also a separate entity which is essential for Thread: A so-called Border Router. This is a Thread Router node that is also connected to  your home network and that knows how to route information packets between the Thread network and the rest of your local network. Without the Border Router, your home accessories will not form a Thread network because they'd be unable to communicate with other devices outside of your Thread network, such as your iPhone. Instead, they will revert to their default Bluetooth connection (yes, all Thread-enabled accessories have dual connectivity – Thread and Bluetooth). Currently, the one and only Border Router for HomeKit over Thread is HomePod mini.

Joining the network


When a Thread-capable accessory is powered on after its setup, it will quickly check whether there is a Thread network available. If it is, the accessory will join the network with the valid network identifier and credentials provided by the Border Router. Upon joining, any Thread device becomes an Endpoint of one of the existing Routers. If it is capable of being the Router itself (in Thread terminology, this is called a Full Thread Device), it may be told by the Leader Node to upgrade itself to a Router, depending on the number of Router nodes already present in the network. If less than 16 Routers are in the network, the device will be designated as a Router. If there are already 16 Routers in the network, Thread will automatically optimize all roles for optimal coverage. A maximum of 32 Routers will ultimately form the Thread mesh network.


If the accessory is not capable of routing, it remains being an Endpoint. Still, it may change the Router node it connects to (its Parent) later, based on the connection quality that is being surveyed automatically across the Thread network. 


Endpoint Characteristics


For Endpoint nodes, there is also a distinction in form of so-called Sleep Interval. Each Endpoint, depending on its physical characteristics, may be a Sleepy Endpoint or a Regular Endpoint. The idea is simple: if an accessory must by design conserve energy, it may choose to sleep for certain amount of time and then ask its Router whether there is anything of interest (similar to you having to click on the "Check Mail" button back in the days when it was not automatic). For example, Eve Door & Window has a sleep interval set to 5000 milliseconds, which means it wakes itself up every 5 seconds and asks whether there is something new for it to digest. Of course, it can wake up more often to transmit something important from its side – for example, when the door is opened. This sleep mechanism significantly helps preserving battery life. 




What happens if you have a large house and there are problems with some accessories being unable to hold a reliable connection? If you have more than one Border Router-capable device (or, in other words, more than one HomePod mini), they may form two independent Thread networks that would still be technically cover your single home. Such independent networks are called Partitions. If the connectivity gets better, the disjointed Partitions will re-unite again and form a single network Partition, with all but one Border Routers stepping down to a regular node role.

Grow your network


What about the number of devices that any single Thread network Partition can handle? It will always have one Leader node, and up to 32 Router nodes. Each Router node may have up to 511 Endpoints. So, as you can see, the total capacity of the network is quite huge and should cover most modern use cases. 


Stay tuned

With all this knowledge in mind, we hope you enjoy building your Thread network and watching it grow. In the Eve app, head to "Thread Network" in the Settings section to get a look behind the curtain of your Thread network and all the different roles and connections of your Thread-enabled accessories.


We'll be adding more explainers, guides as well as articles on Eve app updates that deliver new or improved Thread functionality. The Eve Blog is the go-to place for information on HomeKit over Thread, so stay tuned! 


Discover here if your Eve accessory supports Thread

Julian Weber
Hallo, ich habe mir mal mein Thread-Netzwerk angesehen und dabei ist mir aufgefallen, dass meine Indoor Cam nicht im Netzwerk aufgelistet ist. Weder als Endpunkt noch als Router.
Mar 14, 2024
Hallo Julian! Das liegt daran, dass Eve Outdoor Cam nicht Thread-fähig ist, Das ist aktuell auch nicht geplant, das Gerät nutzt ja WLAN. Viele Grüße, Volker
Mar 18, 2024
Hallo, gibt es derzeit eine Möglichkeit ein Netzwerk in einem Android System zu erstellen Alexa etc. Keine Apple Geräte?
Mar 13, 2024
Hallo Fabian! Scheinbar leider (noch) nicht, uns ist auch kein Programm bekannt. Viele Grüße, Volker
Mar 18, 2024
Hi, recently I have updated my home with Eve Thermo (4. Gen). I have a house with 3 floors and have bought 6 devices. 2 for each floor. I'm happily using all Eve Thermo devices except 1 device. This 1 device is mainly not accessible / unreachable. First I thought it is broken, so I replaced it with a new Eve Thermo (4.Gen) but seems that this was not the problem since the problem still continues. This device is located on the upper third floor and there is as well another Eve Thermo (4. Gen) in the same room, probably only 5-7 meters away from the one which is not working. I mainly can however connect to the device when I am myself located in the 3rd floor. Then the problem seems to be no issue, however if I'm outside or on the first floor, mainly the device is not reachable. Since Thread is enabled and used in my Smart Home Network, it should be anyway no issue to connect between the Eve Thermo devices. However I still did get another Thread device and placed it in-between the 2 Eve Thermo's on the third floor, just to eliminate any possible range issue, even these 5-7 meters should be a problem. So, there is now a Thread device between the 2 Eve Thermos with a distance of 3-4 meters to each Eve Thermo. But still, I have connection problems to this particular Eve Thermo device and I'm out of solutions. The Thread Network (on the Eve App) shows "Endpoint" on each Eve Thermo device in my home, except the "faulty" eve Thermo which is shown as unreachable. Could you pls assist to find a solution?
Jan 18, 2024
Hello Bulent! Please open a ticket in our support system:
Best regards, Volker
Jan 19, 2024
J'ai chez moi 2 Apple TV (une 2017 et une 2015) ainsi qu'un HomePod mini.
J'ai eu beaucoup de mal à rajouter des accessoires thread (un eve motion). Je me suis rendu compte dans l'application Maison dans la partie concentrateur que le HomePod mini était en veille et une des 2 Apple TV (non compatible thread) qui était connecté. Le problème est qu'il n'est pas possible de choisir le concentrateur actif dans l'application Maison ni même de désactiver l'Apple TV en tant que concentrateur. J'ai donc du débranché les 2 Apple TV et cela m'a permis de rajouter le eve motion.

Le problème est que lorsque je rebranche les Apple TV, il arrive qu'un des 2 se remette en concentrateur actif et par la même occasion le eve sensor non connecté.

Existe-t-il une solution pour éviter cela?

Merci d'avance.
Sep 4, 2023
Bonjour. Merci de créer un ticket de support technique sur
Sep 5, 2023
Heute wollte ich im Mac App Store die Eve Home-Version für Mac OS X laden. Leider erhielt ich die Meldung "Artikel nicht verfügbar. Der angeforderte Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht im deutschen Store erhältlich."
Was ist da los? Temporäres Problem oder wird die App für OS X nicht wieder verfügbar sein?
Jul 20, 2023
Hallo Heiko!
Eve 5 ist eine Universal-App für iPhone und iPad. Auf einem M1/M2-Mac läuft die iPad-Version von Eve 5 und wir haben sie soweit angepasst, dass die sinnvoll am Mac läuft. Das ist keine Catalyst-App, sie arbeitet also nicht an Intel-Mac. Eine Version für Intel-Macs ist aktuell nicht in Planung.
So bekommen Sie die Version Eve 5 auf Ihren M1-Mac:
1.Öffnen Sie die App Store am M1-Mac und geben oben links den Suchbegriff Eve ein.
2.Sie bekommen Fundstellen für Eve angezeigt, unsere App ist nicht dabei.
3.Unter "Ergebnisse für Eve" finden Sie zwei Reiter, Mac-Apps und iPhone & iPad Apps. Wählen Sie iPhone & iPad Apps - jetzt wird Eve angezeigt.
4.Öffnen Sie Eve Für HomeKit aus der Liste der Fundstellen und laden es.
5.Öffnen Sie Eve für HomeKit am M1-Mac, Sie können es auch permanent im Dock halten.
Viele Grüße, Volker
Jul 21, 2023
comment réagit le réseau Thread quand 2 borders router sont sur 2 réseaux IP différents? (1 Apple TV 4K sur réseau Ethernet en et 1 HomePod mini en réseau wifi
Jul 3, 2023

Cela posera des problèmes, le protocole "Bonjour" sera bloqué. N'utilisez qu'un seul réseau avec vos routeurs de bordure Thread.
Jul 4, 2023
Hallo Vilker
Ich habe 6 Eve Energie, 1 Eve LightSwitch, 4 Eve Thermostate, 2 Eve Bewegungssensoren über Einen der beiden ich die LightSwitch bei Dunkelheit , steuere. 1 Apple TV 4K der ersten Generation. Alle Geräte sind über 3 Stockwerke verteilt. Leider kommt es alle paar Wochen vor, dass die LightSwitch sich nicht bei Dunkelheit und Bewegung sich einschaltet. Meine bisherige Lösung: wenn es wieder einmal hackt, schalte ich die Stromsicherung im ganzen Haus für 5 Minuten aus und dann läuft es wieder für ein paar Wochen. Wo liegt der Fehler? Das kann doch kein Dauerzustand sein oder?
Viele Grüße Thomas
Jun 6, 2023
Hallo! Bitte öffne ein Ticket in unserem Support-System, wir können sicher helfen. Viele Grüße, Volker
Jun 7, 2023
Je voudrais mettre une eve Aqua au fond de mon jardin, environ à 40/50 m de ma maison. Je n'ai pas la possibilité de mettre une eve Energy entre. Y a-t-il une solution pour augmenter la portée du réseau thread ?
Apr 27, 2023
Bonjour. Malheureusement dans votre cas il n'y a pas de solution, la portée maximale de Thread est de 20 m sans obstacle.
Apr 28, 2023
Hallo, bis vor kurzem funktionierte das Thread-Netzwerk gut. Das tut es auch jetzt, aber die Anzeige in der App zeigt nur noch ein Suchen, das Netzwerk ist nicht sichtbar. Wenn ich einzelne Geräte anklicke, zeigt sich jedoch ihre Rolle im Thread-Netzwerk. Gibt es dazu eine Idee?
Mar 8, 2023
Hallo Ulrich! Bitte öffnen Sie ein Ticket in unserem Support-System:
Danke und viele Grüße, Volker
Mar 8, 2023
I have the Apple HomePod Gen 2 on order (3 Feb delivery) and a two-pack of the Gen 4 Eve Energy devices (model 20EBU4101) that are Thread capable.

I also have two Gen 1 Eve Energy devices (model 2EE304001000) and three Gen 2 Eve Energy devices (model 20EAG4101) which obviously aren't Thread capable. Will those Gen 1 and Gen 2 devices be usable and controllable via Siri on the new HomePod running v16.3 software?

And happens when I switch over to Matter? Will they still be usable?
Jan 26, 2023
Hallo Felix! Only the actual model can use Thread, the old models are missing the radio for IPv6. In a complete iOS environment there is no need to update to Matter now, only when using a SmartThings Hub or Google Nest hub in the same network. Best regards, Volker
Jan 27, 2023
Hallo Eve-Community
Interessante und gut verständliche Erklärung, danke.
Wie viele Schaltzentralen bzw. Border-Router fähige Geräte (Apple TV, HomePod mini) verträgt ein Thread-Netzwerk?
Nach meinem Verständnis sollte ein Thread-Netzwerk stabiler werden, wenn mehrere Schaltzentralen vorhanden sind, oder liege ich da falsch?
Zzt. stelle ich jedoch fest, dass das Thread-Netzwerk zu bröseln beginnt und nach 1-2 Tagen sogar zum Erliegen kommt (Geräte sind nicht mehr erreichbar oder verbinden sich teilweise nur noch per Bluetooth), wenn meine 8 HPmini und 2 AppleTV (verteilt über 3 Etagen) in Betrieb sind. Nehme ich alle vom Strom und schalte nur einige wieder ein und starte diese neu (z.B. 1 AppleTV und 2 HPmini) baut sich das Thread-Netzwerk wieder auf und die Geräte sind wieder wie gewohnt erreichbar.
In meinem SmartHome befinden sich ausschliesslich Eve-Geräte (alle mit Thread-Unterstützung). Alle Apple Geräte auf aktuellem Softwarestand iOS 16.2 und alle Eve-Geräte mit aktueller Firmeware).
Jan 22, 2023
Hallo Ray! In der Theorie sollte das so sein. Allerdings scheint di Praxis das nicht herzugeben. Bei 10 und mehr Thread Border Routern scheinen Die das Netzwerk und Routing nicht hin zu bekommen. Ich würde wenn es geht 2-3 aus dem Thread-Netzwerk nehmen, bis Apple das problem löst. Viele Grüße, Volker
Jan 23, 2023
Al of my eve devices have joined the thread network except one... it it still showing bluetooth, so it typically doesn't activate the automation to turn the lights on. How can I admit to thread network. I have tried brigning
Jan 17, 2023
Hello Nicholas! Please open a ticket in our support system, you will find help, Thank you, Volker
Jan 18, 2023
Thanks for the article, I have a network with an Apple TV 4K on 4th floor (apartment in a building) with a couple of Eve devices (e.g., LED strip) and I could manage to reach the garage (4 floors below, that is) with CPL.
I now have a Door & Window sensor in the garage but of course the MPD (Door & Window) will not reach the Apple TV 4K via the Thread network.
What would be the best way to make sure I get notifications (and also so that I can setup automation) from the Door & Window sensor?
Should I buy a HomePod mini and put it in the garage...? Any better idea?
Jan 14, 2023
Hello Max! Either place a powered Thread enabled accessory half way to the garage as this blog describes or a HomePod mini in the garage if you have Wi-Fi coverage there. Best regards, Volker
Jan 16, 2023

Pardonnez- une question de béotien est-il juste de penser que les appareils en thread n'utilisent pas le WIFI pour communiquer entre eux et que, ainsi, il me serait possible de brancher mon routeur sur une prise EVE et de l'éteindre et, surtout, le RALLUMER à distance avec mon iPhone ou selon une programmation?

merci d'avance pour votre aide.

Dec 1, 2022
Bonjour. Les accessoires Thread (de même que les accessoires Bluetooth) n'utilisent effectivement pas de liaison Wi-Fi.
Pour pouvoir avoir accès à distance aux accessoires et utiliser des automatisations, il vous faudra un concentrateur HomeKit Apple (HomePod (mini) ou Apple TV 4/4K).
Dec 1, 2022
Nev Harris
How many thread devices are optimal. I have between 2-4 per room all border routers and 2 HomePod minis and a thread capable Apple TV for a total 12. I need many new light switches 3 way and dimmer.
I’m considering adding in a couple non thread light switches because a reliable 3 way, dimming thread enabled switch doesn’t seem to be available. So is there a magic number for thread devices? The article seem to maybe say it was 16 or 32
Thanks! Great article. It’s my go to to send to friends cuz my explanation seems to confuse them more 😂.
Nov 25, 2022
Hello Nev! Thread Border Routers are HomePod mini and/or the Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) or the Apple TV 4K (3rd generation, Wi-Fi + Ethernet). The total should not exceed 10. Even in iOS 16 too many Thread Boder Routers will lead to problems building the Thread network. Same applies to using more than 25 powered Thread enabled accessories. This is a problem Apple has to solve. Best regards, Volker
Nov 26, 2022
I understand that Thread devices can "talk" to each other, but do they understand what everyone is saying? For example, can you set up a Thread presence sensor (like Eve Motion) or button (e.g. Eve Light Switch) to directly turn a Thread light bulb on or off, without going through a HomeKit or similar automation running on another device? Because with Zigbee you could do that (at least with my Philips Hue), and it would work even if the hub was off or out of range. Same for KNX: once the devices are configured, they can send simple commands to each other, and it all works, without a server. Can you do this with Thread, today?
Nov 21, 2022
Hello Mik! For any automation as of today you need to set up an automation involving a home hub. This involves HomeKit of cause. This does not change with Thread. Best regards, Volker
Nov 22, 2022
Sehr guter Beitrag, aber eine Sache ist mir noch nicht ganz klar: Ich verstehe es jetzt so, dass ein Endpunkt keine Verbindung via Thread zu einem Border Router aufbauen kann bzw. der Border Router kein Parent für die Children sein kann. Dafür wird ein Router Node (Eve Energy) benötigt. Richtig?
Nov 9, 2022
Hallo Thomas! Das Gerät ist ein Endpunkt und natürlich per Thread mit dem Thread Border Router oder einem Router wie Eve Energy verbunden. Im Gegensatz zu einem Eve Energy (Router) kann es nicht als Router für weitere Geräte arbeiten, eben nur als Endpunkt. Viele Grüße, Volker
Nov 14, 2022
Hallo Volker, ist irgendwann auch eine grafische Darstellung (inkl. Signalstärke etc.) des Thread Netzwerks geplant?
Oct 23, 2022
Hallo patrick! Da sich das minütlich ändern kann, der Thread Border Router regelt das ja, wird eine solche Darstellung nicht kommen, sorry. Viele Grüße, Volker
Oct 25, 2022
lucas Schneider
Hallo, Ich habe jetzt schon seid längerem den Thread fähigem apple tv 4k und seit neustem auch 4 Eve thermos im einsatz. Meine erste Frage wäre, kann man das Sleep interval von 5000ms ändern denn die geschwindigkeit ist ehrlich gesagt nicht was ich erhofft hatte oder bräuchte es dafür noch sowas wie eve energy? Und meine zweite Frage wäre, ich habe nun 2 eero 6 plus router gekauft die sowohl Zigbee als auch Thread unterstützen. Meine Frage wäre integrieren sich diese ins system mit dem neusten Thread update oder müsste ich warten bis Matter released wird um mein netzwerk zu erweitern?
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Oct 12, 2022
Hallo Lucas! Alle batteriebetriebenen Geräte mit Thread haben ein sleep Intervall von 5000 ms, das tut der Geschwindigkeit keinen Abbruch. Leo Pro ist kein Thread Border Router für HAP (HomeKit Access Protocol). Ob sich das mit Matter ändern wird, müssen Sie bitte mit dem Eero-Support klären. Viele Grüße, Volker
Oct 13, 2022
Mischa Faden
Hello! Are there plans to produce an Eve Energy for Switzerland?
Sep 20, 2022
Hello Mischa! I am not aware of such plans, sorry. Most of our customers in Switzerland use a standard adapter for your plug format. Best regards, Volker
Sep 22, 2022
I have 2 HomePod mini: one on the ground floor and one on the first floor.
I would like to buy an Eve Weather and an Eve Room.
If I understood from reading the previous replies, by using the HomePod mini, Eve Weather and Eve Room would be seen and used as Thread devices, but I could have two Partitions.
Also, in the Eve app I would not see the two HomePod mini because I would not have a Thread router in the network.
Aug 6, 2022
Hello Lec! Both the actual Eve Weather and Eve Room will connect using Thread as you have two Thread Border Router (HomePod mini). To display the HomePod mini when opening Thread network we need a powered Thread enabled Eve accessory like the actual model Eve Energy (EU/US/UK/AU).
You can check Thread functionality as well with this tool: the app Flame on iOS, iPadOS and M1 Macs ( US:
Open the app and wait a few seconds, then look for the HomePod mini or Apple TV 4K and open it. You should see the value _meshcop._udp. indicating it works as a Thread Border Router. In addition the IP number will be displayed.
Best regards, Volker
Aug 8, 2022
Dr. Schiemann …
Wir wollen Eve Aqua installieren.
Das Heimnetzwerk besteht mit FritzBox 7590 mit Fritz Mesh/Thread und AppleTV 4K mit Apple iCloud.
Wird sich Eve Aqua ins Fritz Mesh/Thread einwählen oder ein eigenes Thread aufbauen oder sich mit Bluetooth verbinden, was wir wegen des Abstandes nicht wollen?
Ab welcher Modellnummer des AppleTV 4K nutzt Eve das Thread?
Jun 12, 2022
Hallo! Sie haben dieselbe Frage ja parallel im Support schon gestellt und ich habe Ihnen geantwortet. Für das Thread Netzwerk sind Thread Border Router verantwortlich, also HomePod mini oder Apple TV 4K (2. Generation). Viele Grüße, Volker
Jun 13, 2022
Une chose m'échappe à l'installation.
Je prend mon app Mobile qui sert à authentifier un nouveau produit Thread que je souhaite installer, disons une ampoule.
Je met en route l'ampoule thread qui scanne le réseau 802.15.4 et qui sélectionne automatiquement un réseau auquel elle souhaite se connecte ; j'imagine que ca se fait uniquement sur le critère de la qualité du signal car elle n'a aucune information sur les réseaux existant.
Mais que se passerait-il si elle trouvait plusieurs réseaux Thread et qu'elle s'électionne le mauvais?
Va-t-elle demander à le rejoindre puis se faire refuser l'accés puis sélectionner automatiquement un autre réseau jusqu'à ce qu'elle en trouve celui connecté au téléphone qui autorisera son accés?
Jun 9, 2022
Bonjour. Ce n'est pas l'accessoire (par exemple l'ampoule) qui initie la connexion Thread mais le routeur de bordure Apple. Si vous avez d'autres questions, merci de créer un ticket de support sur
Jun 10, 2022
The existing diagrams and screenshots on the Eve Thread page document a 100% Thread install but do not address a hybrid legacy+Thread install that would be common to existing Eve customers before completing migration to a completely Thread install.

Q: Does an Eve Thread FTD, process legacy Bluetooth traffic, such as from an legacy Eve Motion, and then forward it over Thread to a Thread Router, or will legacy Eve Bluetooth-only devices only send traffic direct to the Homekit Hub and iOS/PadOS devices over Bluetooth?

Q: Do Eve Thread devices discontinue using Bluetooth when there is a Thread router present, or will the Thread devices continue to remain on the Bluetooth network for traffic to iOS/PadOS devices?
Jun 3, 2022
Hello RE! This applies to Thread networks in general. The Thread Border Router (HomePod mini and/or Apple TV 4K 2nd generation) set up the Thread network only contains Thread enabled accessories. It is the border router to other communications like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So a Thread enabled accessory can't connect an accessory that is not Thread enabled. Bluetooth is only used as a fallback and for adding a thread enabled accessory. Best regards, Volker
Jun 4, 2022
Hi, Do you have any Thread sensors that works with any Thread gateway. I have an NXP KW41Z device that can act as a border gateway/ Leader. The door sensor and plug I got from eve is not connecting. I guess, it is supported only with HomeKit. I am looking for any generic Thread Sensor to connect to my Leader/Gateway.
The following Home Kit Sensors are not connecting to an open thread Leader.
A) Eve Door & Window - Apple HomeKit
B) Eve Energy - Apple HomeKit Smart Plug & Power Meter
May 11, 2022
Hello Sen! HomeKit enabled accessories with Thread support like ou Eve accessories and those from other vendors require a Thread Border Router from Apple, either a HomePod mini or the new Apple TV 4K (2nd generation). Best regards, Volker
May 12, 2022
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