Hi Volker,
I think you misunderstood my request. I have measured the temperature in every room to correctly set the offsets. They vary from +1 degree to -2.5 degrees depending on room. What I like the Eve App to do is to display the measured temperature corrected with the offset. For example, in my room with and offset of -2.5 degrees the Apple Home App displays a temperature of 20.5 degrees when the actual temperature in the room measured with another thermometer is 18 degrees. What I like the Eve app to do is to display both the set temperature and the measured temperature, just like the Home App do, but adjusted with the offset. I.e. 18 degrees in my example which is the actual temperature when the offset is correctly calibrated. I understand that the displayed temperature will fluctuate more than the actual temperature in the middle of the room because of Thermo's proximity to the radiator, but the reading is much more accurate that the 20.5 degrees that the Home App show. For me it's a big negative that the Eve App does not show the measured temperature, only the set temperature. The Eve App should take advantage of using the offset proprietary feature of the Thermo.
Best regards
Apr 30, 2020