HomeKit over Thread

Welcome to the smart home of the future – today. ​​​​​​​

Welcome to the smart home
of the future – today. 


Eve is building the world’s largest portfolio of accessories that support HomeKit over Thread. The new generation of devices enhances Bluetooth-enabled Eve accessories with Thread technology. Thread offers a host of benefits, including making your smart home more responsive and robust – the only thing else you need is HomePod mini or the new Apple TV 4K. Read on to discover all you need to know.


Say hello to Thread. 

Thread technology is specifically developed for smart home applications to improve connectivity between accessories. Now, HomeKit products can communicate not only using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but also using Thread.


The big difference with this technology is that Thread creates a mesh network. Within this, lights, thermostats, outlets, sensors, and more can also talk to each other free of the constraint of having to go through a central hub, such as a bridge. That’s because a Thread network doesn’t need one. If a single accessory fails, the data packets are simply relayed to the next in the mesh. In short: The network becomes more robust with every additional Thread accessory.  


The benefits for you.

Entirely automatic. 

Thread isn’t going to make Bluetooth redundant any time soon, as Bluetooth is required for HomeKit over Thread. This means you can continue to enjoy using your Eve products – no matter the generation – all with the additional benefit that as soon as you add HomePod mini or the new Apple TV 4K to your home, your Thread-enabled Eve accessories will also be able to communicate over Thread. 


And the best bit: This all happens automatically without you needing to configure anything. This blogpost gives an extensive overview on how the components of a Thread network play together and introduces the Eve app’s Thread network monitor.


Eve is ready. 

All you need to do to add Thread support to your smart home accessories is update their firmware. The only thing you need to be sure of is that your accessories are Thread-enabled in terms of their hardware – in other words, that they have the correct chip. The good news is that many Eve accessories on sale today are equipped with the latest generation Eve Core chipsets. 


Discover here if your accessories work with Thread.


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