Privacy by design.

What happens at home, stays at home.

What happens at home,
stays at home. 


Home is your most private space. The only place where you can do as you please, on your terms. Which is exactly why Eve accessories are designed to safeguard your personal data.


All data is fully encrypted and only transferred directly between your Eve accessory and iPhone, iPad or home hub. Strong encryption verification during each connection attempt makes sure that only you hold the key to your home.


Choose Eve.

The best security mechanisms are worthless if the keys to the wealth of private information are generously shared. With Eve, there are no back doors built-in and no risks of exposing your data through a cloud or proprietary attempts at device security. Choosing Eve does not only mean choosing a secure connected home... It means choosing privacy. 


Want to dive in on the security architecture that Eve accessories use? All communication uses Apple HomeKit technology, with absolutely no parallel, unsecured connections. Learn more about HomeKit security in the official iOS Security Guide.


User-friendly in every way. 

Engineered to make life smarter, not more complicated. Designed around you, not the data you generate. Eve accessories are tailor-made to enhance your comfort, uplift your well-being, and give you absolute peace of mind.