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This week's offer: Give your garden some love.

Connect with the wintery world beyond your windows, and prep your garden for a bright summer. This week, save 15 %  - simply enter the code Garden2018 when you check out.*

Smart Water Controller

With Eve Aqua, activate your sprinkler via your iPhone, Siri, or the onboard button, and let it shut off automatically. Set schedules to automate your irrigation system. Plus see how much water you’re using. Eve Aqua converts your outdoor faucet into an intelligent water outlet. So you can keep your garden green, with little to zero effort. Learn more

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Connected Weather Station

Masterfully crafted from anodized aluminum, Eve Degree tracks outdoor temperature, humidity, and air pressure with unrivaled precision. See conditions at a glance. Review current and past climate data right on your iPhone or iPad. And acquire insight that'll make your inner weather watcher go wild. Learn more

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Transform any space.

Set the perfect ambience anywhere, from your bedroom to your balcony to your garden, and beyond. Enjoy six hours of untethered illumination, wireless charging, plus IP65 water resistance. And indulge in the aura of any color you want. Learn more

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*Offer valid until January 02 or while stocks last. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions, such as our Apple TV / HomePod promotion or bundles. 
**Free ground shipping to the US, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom.