Eve for Android to Deliver Seamless Android Experience with Google Home APIs

Upcoming Eve app to Enable Native and Direct Control of Matter Devices


Munich, 14 May 2024 – Eve Systems, one of the leading providers of smart home devices and part of ABB, is working with Google to leverage the newly introduced Google Home APIs in the ongoing development of Eve for Android. The highly anticipated app will allow Matter devices to be added, controlled and automated directly and without any proprietary connection mechanism or fragile cloud-to-cloud integrations. For the growing range of Matter-enabled Eve devices, Eve for Android will provide advanced functionality, such as measurement of energy consumption and generation for Eve Energy solutions, autonomous heating schedules for the smart thermostat Eve Thermo or Adaptive Shading for roller blinds in the Eve Blinds Collection.


"The Google Home APIs turbo-charge the development of Eve for Android - they complement the set of tools that our teams need," says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve. "What has always set Eve apart is the seamless integration into the platform, without a cloud or proprietary technologies. Thanks to the Google Home APIs, we can deliver the same on Android, and we are proud to be moving forward hand in hand with Google."


Once the Google Home APIs are publicly released, Eve for Android will be available to download free of charge from the Google Play Store. Further information on system requirements and the feature set will be provided by Eve when the app is released.


About Thread

Thread technology is specifically developed for smart home applications to improve connectivity between devices. Thread creates a mesh network, within which lights, thermostats, outlets, sensors, and more can also talk to each other free of the constraint of having to go through a bridge. If a single device fails, the data packets are simply relayed to the next in the mesh. In short: the network becomes more robust with every additional Thread device.


Mains-powered Thread devices that are always on, such as Eve Energy, can act as router nodes within the Thread network and relay data packets. So, the more of these Full Thread Devices are present in the network, the more stable and greater its reach becomes. Learn more


About Matter

Jointly developed by Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, Eve, and many other manufacturers, Matter eliminates incompatibilities in the smart home once and for all. Matter-enabled devices are a breeze to integrate into the smart home, enabling everybody in the home to seamlessly access and control devices across smartphones and voice assistants of all major platforms. Learn more 

Adding Matter-enabled Eve devices to the smart home is fast and easy – the only other thing that is required is the right hub. Which hub is right depends on which smart home platform(s) the user would like to control their home with. For an overview, visit: www.evehome.com/hub.


Privacy At its Core

Eve products are designed to work entirely locally without a cloud, and so is Matter. All Eve devices protect the user's privacy with no Eve cloud, no registration, no tracking and fully local connectivity.


About Eve

Eve Systems builds beautiful connected home devices that set superior standards of comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Engineered in-house to combine seamless software with elegant hardware, Eve devices integrate into the home seamlessly and securely, ensuring interoperability across smart home platforms. Because privacy is paramount, what happens at home, must stay at home. By leveraging Thread and Matter technologies, Eve devices are the pillars of a future-proof, functional and valuable smart home. First established in 1999 as Elgato, Eve has grown a market-leading reputation for the user experience and quality of its devices for the Apple ecosystem, while guaranteeing 100% privacy. Eve Systems is part of ABB and headquartered in Munich, Germany.


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