Hello Mike! Glad it worked finally. We used the usual way and could download, even when already having it on iPhone & iPad:
Eve 5 is a Universal App for iPhone and iPad. A M1 based Mac can run the iPad version of Eve 5, and we've adapted it to make sense on the Mac. This is not a Catalyst app, so it won't run on an Intel Mac. A version for Intel Macs is not planned yet.
Here's how to get the Eve 5 version running on your M1 Mac:
1. Open the App Store on the M1-Mac and enter the search term Eve in the upper left corner.
2. You will get results for Eve, our app is not there.
3. Under "Results for Eve" you will find two tabs, 'Mac apps' and 'iPhone & iPad apps'. Select iPhone & iPad Apps - now Eve will be displayed.
4. Open Eve for HomeKit from the list of found apps and download it.
5. Open Eve for HomeKit on the M1 Mac, you may optional keep it permanently in the dock.

I wish you a great weekend, volker
Dec 19, 2020