Hi, first I have to say that Thread is great. Especially the range has been very very good. We have several Eve Energy plugs in use and one is installed in the garage about 15 meters away from the house. It still connects perfectly. I wonder how well this keeps on working in the coming years. The early days of wifi, I had a range of almost 50 meters from the house - that is impossible these days.
Questions: About the Eve Energy 4th generation: when its in Thread mode, could it be made possible that it also can function as a bluetooth hub for Eve Energy 3th generation or Eve Smoke 1st generation? This would be a more efficient option than using an Eve Extend.
Also... currently Eve Smoke is missing a test function: while you can test the audible alarm, there's no Homekit trigger from that to fully test automation as well. Can you add this in the future?
Jul 21, 2022