Graham Middleton
Hi Volker,
I have five of these fitted on my radiators (none on a bathroom one). I see them in HomeKit and am curious what the colours mean. Some have the measured temperature in an orange disk and some green. There seems no logical reason for this discrepancy. The orange ones show 'Heating to xxC', whereas the green ones show 'Heat to xxC'.
Another question is what happens to them when they are turned off? Are they fully closed, open, or last position?
It may become clearer when the weather gets cool enough to require heating, of course.
I live in the UK and have my own boiler. That means I need a way to trigger the boiler when there is a need for heat. I currently have wired my boiler to an Eve Energy and written an automation to turn on the Energy when the Thermo's fall below a temperature threshold. And off when the measured temperature goes above. I can't really test this out yet, but does that sound like a workable solution? I'd have to go back to a room thermostat if not. Thank you. Graham
Jul 11, 2021