Mark Rayson
Does the Eve Aqua reduce the water pressure of the outdoor tap? I've bought 2 of these to use in my back garden which is currently being landscaped. The guys have just today started laying out the sprinklers, 2 zones with 5 pop-up sprinklers in each. They saying with the zones connected directly to the taps, the pressure is fine for the sprinklers to work but going through one of the Eve Aqua's the pressure isn't enough for them to really work as well as without it. They took the little rubber filter piece out of it which improved things a bit but still wasn't enough. Looking through the connector, it looks like when you turn the Eve Aqua on, the hole through the device is smaller where the mechanism moves to shut the water off than it is at the tap connector. This looks like it's going to make the devices useless for me as the sprinklers aren't going to work with the Eve Aqua's inline.
May 4, 2021