Thank you for the details. I have read the article you pointed out, but I want to clarify how "notification" and "alarm" works. You say: "You'll get notified (alarm) once a leak is detected". As I understand it, once the Eve Water Guard is activated / in detection mode, the 100 dB siren will trigger upon detection, and a *regular iOS* notification is send (which you call "alarm"). Am I getting that correctly? Do you have pictures to illustrate that please? Is this alarm notification setup automatically or one must create an automation whose action will be sending a notification upon detection? You also say: "Detecting Leak from Eve Water Guard can be a trigger for like turning on lights, turning off power in a scene". And what about sending a notification? Is it possible to automate the action "send a notification to someone" upon detection?

There is a underlaying big question I am trying to solve. Here it goes: I live in a apartment, and I fear that if a 100 dB siren sounds, if, for some reason, I am not able to mute it via the Eve app rapidly, neighbors could easily after sometime call the firemen. And they could break down my expansive door just to shut it down... Whereas if I had been able to setup a notification without triggering the siren, I could have asked someone with my keys to check what's happening inside...
Oct 10, 2020