IFA Highlights

News from Eve.

News from Eve. 


This year’s IFA is just around the corner and we’re looking forward to introducing our latest products and innovations. Stop by Hall 25 for a visit and have a look around. If you can’t make it to Berlin, here’s a brief overview of what’s new at Eve: 


Privacy by design.

It may not be a new product, but your privacy is something we care deeply about. And it’s important to us that you know that data privacy is our number one priority. Eve accessories are designed to safeguard your personal data. We do not store any personal information. Learn more


Eve Light Switch

Connected Wall Switch


The wait is nearly over. Starting in October, Eve Light Switch will be available in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Instead of replacing your ceiling or wall lights, all you’ll have to do is simply exchange the light switch. In minutes you’ll be using your iPhone or Siri to switch your existing lights on and off - or setting schedules to automate them. Of course you can simply press Eve Light Switch at any time as well.

Available starting October 1

Eve Extend

Bluetooth Range Extender


From your attic to your garage and your wine cellar to your terrace, Eve Extend expands your reach to Bluetooth-enabled Eve accessories in the furthest corners of your home, and beyond.

Now available

Eve Thermo

Smart Radiator Valve


At Eve, we work tirelessly to ensure our products remain state of the art. We’ve made a couple of improvements to our popular radiator valve. Not only is the display now better and clearer, the touch controls also provide feedback when activated. What’s more: we enhanced the motor that opens and closes the valve, making Eve Thermo even quieter.

Available starting September 16

Eve Water Guard

Smart Water Detector


Water damage is a problem nobody wants to have. It can cost you dearly - both time and money. Eve Water Guard alerts you with an audible and visible alarm as soon as a leak is detected. You also receive instant notifications on your iPhone or Apple Watch. And Eve Water Guard doesn’t just monitor one spot - the entire length of the supplied cable is a sensor that can also be easily extended.

Available starting in January 2020