Hello, I’m looking for a solution to control a boiler based on the temperature settings of the EVE thermo.
For example I would set up 22 degrees in the living room and 20 degrees in the bedroom. As I don’t have central heating, but a combi boiler, I need to set the thermostat of the boiler to some value.
But this would mean as soon as the boiler reaches the set temp, the heating would stop no matter what’s the temp in the two rooms. If I would to set the temperature higher for the boiler using the boiler’s thermostat, then the boiler would keep running, even if the temp is reached in the two rooms.
The solution would be to have some kind of IFTT style command to switch on the boiler if one of the rooms is still not up to temp and switch it off if both of them are at the needed temp. Also, I would need a “smart” on/off switch that would control the boiler and would be able to receive the command.
So my two questions are:
1. Is there an IFTT style command available for the EVE thermo to be able to communicate with other devices?
2. Do you know an on/off switch that could control the boiler and receive that IFTT style command?
Oct 13, 2021