hello Frederick! The characteristic Sprinkler is an official by Apple since +2 years (https://www.apple.com/ios/home/accessories/). Eve though you can't set a scene in the app Home from Apple. Please set up a scene in the app Eve. You can use the scene then in Home for an automation.
Schedule: You don't need any home hub for using the function Schedule in Eve. To set the Schedule you just have to be close with the iPhone/iPad to the Eve accessory.
Please open the app Eve and goto
Rooms > room Eve Aqua is in > Eve Aqua and open it.
Tap on the tiny wheel at Schedule
Set up to seven waterings / on/off settings, optional individual for each weekday.
Once set, please tap Done.
The schedule will be transferred then from the iPhone/iPad to Eve Aqua and executed there.
Best regards, Volker
Aug 30, 2021