Back from Vacation.

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On the road

With Eve Thermo at home and the Eve app on her phone, Mom turns up the heaters so the house is warm when they return.

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Welcome home

The entrance hall features Eve Motion and a lamp is connected to Eve Energy. When Dad steps inside, the hallway lights up automatically. 

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Sweet dreams

An Eve Energy-equipped humidifier switches on when Eve Room registers a drop in humidity. That way the kids always breathe easy. 

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Movie time

The Smiths know how much power their television, media player and sound system consume in standby mode, so they only switch them on when needed. All at once, with a single command.

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"Hey Siri, goodnight."

Reducing the heat throughout the house, shutting down appliances, and switching off lights is an effortless matter of saying three comforting words: "Hey Siri, goodnight."

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