Getting started

All you need to know about adding Matter to your Eve device


Matter, meet Eve! Eve has been one of the most ardent supporters of the new smart home standard, so we are happy to finally invite our community to update their Eve devices to work with Matter and enable control from the smartphone or voice assistant of their choice.


Supported Matter Platforms

Matter is already available on some of the most popular platforms with many more to join soon:

    Apple Home
    Samsung SmartThings
    Google Home
    Coming soon
    Amazon Alexa

    Your favorite features – now on Matter

    Eve devices have offered and will continue to offer unique functionality on the Apple Home platform. When you decide to upgrade to Matter,  you'll continue to enjoy the seamless experience in the Eve and Apple Home apps that you've come to love – including custom features like autonomous schedules, child lock, or advanced automations. 


    Note that once you've upgraded your devices to Matter, you can't migrate them back to HomeKit. 

    How to upgrade via the Early Access Program

    If you want to be among the first to leverage Matter and use your Eve devices from an additional platform, we invite you to join our Early Access Program. 

    The Early Access Program is currently available for these Thread-enabled Eve devices:

    • Eve Door & Window
    • Eve Energy
    • Eve Motion

    How to begin

    Make sure a Thread Border Router capable Home Hub like a HomePod mini or Apple TV 4K (2nd gen. / 3rd gen. 128 GB) is connected to your network, updated to version 16.3 (or later).

    Update HomePod mini by choosing Home Settings > Software Update in Apple Home. On Apple TV, choose Settings > System > Software Updates and select Update Software.

    Upgrading the firmware on an Eve device to Matter requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS/iPadOS 16.3 (or later).

    Go to Settings > General > Software Update to make sure your iPhone or iPad is up to date.

    Apply to enroll in the Early Access Program by completing the form below.

    Apply for the Early Access Program

    I have an Eve device that is eligible to receive an upgrade to Matter. (Thread-enabled versions of Eve Door & Window, Eve Energy (Australia, Europe, U.K., U.S. & Canada), or Eve Motion). Find out here.
    I confirm to have access to a Thread Border Router (HomePod mini, Apple TV 4K 2nd gen. or 3rd gen. 128 GB), updated to software version 16.3.
     I have updated my iPhone or iPad to iOS/iPadOS 16.3.
    I agree to receive further instructions for the Early Access Program via email and have taken note of the data protection regulation.

    What to look forward to


    Control your Eve devices using Siri, Apple Home and Eve. Enjoy advanced functionality like schedules and historical data in the Eve app.

    Use the SmartThings app on your Android phone to control your Eve devices. Requires a SmartThings Hub v3.

    Access Eve devices using your voice with Google Assistant or the Google Home app on your Android phone. 

    Amazon Alexa

    Access Eve devices using your voice with Amazon Alexa or the Alexa app on your Android phone. 

    Privacy & Security

    Matter allows your whole family to control your home, using their preferred smartphone or voice assistant. Access from platforms beyond Apple Home is granted on a per-device basis. So based on your privacy and security preferences, you decide who can control a specific Matter product in your house, and from which platform. Rest assured Eve will always safeguard your personal data. Find the platforms' privacy rules below.

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