Jan De Preter
Automation sometimes reacts under one second or after several seconds or not at all. The test setup consists of Homepod Mini, Eve Door, Eve Energy and a Nanoleaf bulb. The Homekit app on both iOS and OSX immediately display door open and door closed. Also clicking on the buttons in the Homekit app immediately switches the Nanoleaf and Eve Energy on and off. So far so good. BUT, I programmed the Nanoleaf and Energy to switch on when opening the door and switch off with door closed and this doesn't work reliably. Unable to figure out why. In the Eve app all 4 components show up in the Thread network.
Also without wifi all functionality is halted.
Would this be improved with future software upgrades ? And would Apple in the future produce an Ipod Mini with rechargeable battery ?
Kind regards, Jan
Mar 6, 2021