Hi Filip, please could you send me the 3D model, for ideas?

I have old Drayton thermostat heads. I believe +20 Years old. I think they are called Drayton TRV3 thermostat heads. I believe they are M27 x 1mm and the Valves are M30 x 1.5mm. I couldn't find any adaptors for them until last week, when I found a single company who made some! The adaptors do work, but the Eve Thermostat head is loose when 25'C or higher. I am testing them and they will probably do the job, which for me is more to do with limiting the temperature to save energy, by closing the valves when heat to the radiator is not needed. So as long as they close the valves for me I think it will be fine, but it would be nice if they fit exactly without any looseness.
Oct 26, 2022