Hello, I have a radiator valve with "SAR 1/2" written on it. I understand this radiator company is old and now Euromap Comap now makes the valves for it.
Here are two photos of the valve, one of the photos has a small metal adapter that I currently have on the radiator. I'm not sure of it's function but I can take it off:
There are two threads. The largest screw thread is 29mm and the smallest thread is 19mm. The distance between the end of the largest thread and the tip of the valve is about 3cm. The nut on the metal adapter I removed in one of the photos is 2cm in diameter. I measured all of that myself so it might be a millimetre or so off.
If you know what I need to get to fit the Eve Thermo on I'd appreciate the info! And also, in my photos you see the valve I've got. Do I need to take that off at all? Or does the adapter I will buy just fit on top of that?
Thank you, David
Nov 28, 2021