I have a large house with 18 Eve Thermo and all works very well. However, I have two problems with the excellent Eve App. At Glance and Rooms overview only show the set temperature, not the actual measured temperature. It is much desired to display both temperatures just like Apple's Home App do. It would be even better to also have a setting so one could select if the displayed actual temperature is the measured temperature or the measured temperature adjusted with the offset. The offset adjusted actual temperature is the best approximation of the real room temperature. My second problem with the Eve App is that it does not display Grouped Accessories (created in Apple Home). I have 7 groups with a total of 39 bulbs, most of them spotlights. It is impossible to use Eve as the control app when you cannot control for example 9 spotlights in one room as one light. If these two major flaws can be fixed Eve would be the best Homekit app of them all.
Apr 24, 2020