Eve Systems Implements iOS 14 Features for Adaptive Lighting and Secure HomeKit Video


San Francisco, October 28, 2020Eve Light Strip, the smart LED strip by Eve Systems, is the first product to improve their users’ well-being through HomeKit Adaptive Lighting. Introduced with iOS 14, Adaptive Lighting enables smart lamps to automatically adjust the color temperature throughout the day, with warm colors in the morning, cooler ones at midday, and a reduced amount of blue light at night. A firmware update that brings support for Adaptive Lighting to Eve Light Strip is available for free via the Eve App. What's more, iOS 14 and tvOS 14 enhance Eve Cam out of the box by adding a host of new features for HomeKit Secure Video like Face Recognition, Activity Zones, and access to the camera's live stream on Apple TV.


"Eve products are all about simplicity and privacy. By leveraging HomeKit, we combine these attributes with an ever-expanding set of powerful features", says Jerome Gackel, CEO, Eve Systems. "iOS 14 takes Eve accessories to yet another level, adding advanced functionality to Eve Cam and turning Eve Light Strip into the first lighting solution to support the amazing Adaptive Lighting mode."


Adaptive Lighting

With Adaptive Lighting activated, Eve Light Strip lets users start their day with warm colors, help them stay alert and focused midday with cooler ones, and let them wind down at night by removing blue light – without users having to even lift a finger. Color temperature adjustment happens automatically, each time you turn it on, and with gentle transitions. The feature requires a HomePod or an Apple TV (4th generation or later) as a home hub.


HomeKit Secure Video

In conjunction with iOS 14 and a supported iCloud storage plan, Eve Cam is now able to detect faces, focus surveillance on user-defined activity zones and send its live stream to the Apple TV. Face Recognition is done locally by the Home Hub and can either rely on data from connected users' Photos libraries or create its own gallery by saving new faces together with a user-assigned name. By narrowing the camera's focus onto activity zones, a person or animal will only trigger notifications or recordings when they move within that area, e.g. by entering through the door. An Apple TV with tvOS 14 is now able to display Eve Cam's live stream in the media player's Control Center, enabling parents to check on their sleeping baby from the comfort of their couch.


Pricing & Availability

Eve Light Strip is available at a price of USD $79.95, and a 6.5 ft extension will cost USD $49.95. Eve Cam can be purchased for USD $149.95. Eve products are available on the Eve Store, from the Apple Store, and at Amazon. The Eve App is available as a free download on the App Store.


About Eve

Eve Systems builds beautiful connected home products that set superior standards of comfort, safety, and control. Products that turn everyday experiences into fulfilling moments that endure. Engineered in-house to combine seamless software with elegant hardware, Eve integrates into Apple HomeKit flawlessly, intuitively, and most importantly, securely. Because privacy is paramount, and what happens at home, must stay at home. Established in 1999, our company has an extensive history of developing premium products that enrich the Apple ecosystem, notably under the brands EyeTV and Elgato. Eve Systems is privately held with headquarters in Munich, Germany.


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