Hi just to understand in an apartment of 110m2 one Apple TV 4K one Apple TV HD an old eve energy (don’t support thread) 2new eve energy ( with thread support) 1 weather station with thread support 1acqua with thread support. All this equipment are now ne per room and the acqua on terrace doesn’t work. Whether station is working almost flawless acqua never…
Now if I check thread network I can see NOTHING. The single item ( if I put the acqua and weather in the kitchen) work like a charm. So I tried to unplug everything out (not Apple TV) I start with the plug waited 1min then plug batteries in the other object and… NOTHING. So I tried to change status to all items few times ( after the turn off and retry procedure..) and… NOTHING
So what’s is the solution??
Jan 9, 2022