Peter S
Great article. I am in New Zealand and have just purchased an Eve power plug. I have also added an Apple TV HD located centrally in the house as a hub in Apple HomeKit.
The plug works well in the house with a reasonable range. I understand that it’s a Bluetooth connection but seems pretty good. The issue is when I try it just under the wooden floor. (I have an outlet for outside lights I want to use it on) where the range drops dramatically. Nothing special with the floor.. just simple wood with some fibreglass wool insulation. In fact I virtually have to stand over the spot in the floor to get a connection.
I have checked the Eve app and the ‘Thread Network’ in settings and it says no thread network active.
I guess the plug is the only thread device and the Apple TV is not thread but does act as a hub. So when I switch the plug remotely I assume it will come to the Apple TV via wifi and the that Apple TV will send out a Bluetooth request.
So interested in any thoughts around the range as soon as I move it 6 inches under a wooden floor... and in theory I could presumably buy another thread device and place just above it on the floor and the the thread network will manage it all for me, although that would seem a bit like overkill. :-)
Jun 28, 2021