Dirk Schesmer
Hello Eve-Team,
I am trying to connect
- a new Eve Energy device (being Thread capable) located in the cellar of my house (or outside in the garden under a protective roof)
to a
- new HomePod mini located under the roof of the house (i.e. at about 15 meters away from the Eve energy device)
using the
- Eve-Homekit app v 5.0.1 (9572)
running on my
- iPhone SE (second edition).
Unfortunately, when being under the roof myself (close to the HomePod mini)
and trying to contact the Eve Energy device using the HomeKit app, it does not work!
Can you please tell me what to do to overcome this situation to benefit from Thread and Mesh technologies here in my house and garden?
Do I e.g. need a second Eve energy e.g. located at the first floor of the house
or do I need to buy a Speedport Smart 3 Telekom router (being Mesh capable) and locate this router on the first floor of the house then acting as the missing Link between the other devices?
(I do not want to move my HomePod mini to the first floor, because I make use of it as a speaker for my AppletTV being connected to a Apple Cinema Display...) to e.g. watch movies...)
(Hope I understand the intended benefits of Thread/Mesh for "extended" Home Automation...)
Thanks for help and best regards!
Dirk Schesmer
Jan 26, 2021