Very much looking forward to Thread being deployed more widely and Eve is one of my go to product brands with Aqua, Degree, Room, and Door/Window deployed widely. However, some products have had significant stock outs for quite some time and its unclear if this is Thread upgrade related or just general issues. In particular I’m in the market for a whole home Eve Smoke install (15 units) but curious to know if a Thread enabled one is expected this year or not?
I’m hoping the upgraded Eve Smoke comes in a mains enabled (with battery backup) version as well as the 10 year battery version so some can act as routers, and the dual sensor (Smoke & Heat) remains unaffected. Just a sneaky request there. Any news that can be shared or I should I be looking to cross the divide to the world of Nest given their announcements to support Thread and Matter?
May 28, 2021