Offset do not follow the outdoor temperature in a linear way. For every change of 10 degrees Celsius, I need to adjust the offset to get desired temperature. The colder it gets the higher minus values i need to set and vice versa. Intermittent changes of that scale of outdoor temperature does of course not have that impact, for example a drop for a couple of days. However, seasonal changes for sure does. This means that the system is far from being so automatic as Eve suggests. I live in Stockholm and typically need to adjust offset every 2 to 3 months. The by far most important reason why I bought my five Eve Thermo, was to get an automated solution in which these changes was not needed. They still provide me value for various reasons, but i would not have bought them knowing what i know now. Further, I really don’t understand why such a feature is not enabled through Eve Room
Apr 2, 2022