I love the Eve Energy and have several with Thread capability! Is it possible that Eve will come out with an Eve Energy Sensor variant that eliminates the switching part of Eve Energy?.

I have several appliances (fridge, freezer, wine cellar, personal hydroponics systems), as well as an aquarium, for which I wish to monitor power consumption but for which the power should never be shut off.

I'd love to set up notifications if the power draw is '0' for an hour or so, or have very high power draw, as that would tell me a motor is not working. An Emporia Energy unit warned me that my Microwave was failing last year, reporting abnormally high power draw.

I'm currently using several Eve Energy units to monitor, but I am nervous that an improper swipe in the app, or a bad Siri request will turn off the power by accident. This, in addition to the normal Eve Energy use cases. I have 3 and 5 year old grandchildren who have iPad access, and are curious about what new apps do. Sometimes they investigate before I can supervise and teach.

Having both Eve Energy and Eve Energy Sensor available would be wonderful. I hope you consider this.
Dec 6, 2022