Eve Smoke is easy to setup

Follow our instructions on this video or download the Quick Start Guide.

This instruction includes: installation and setup, choosing a location, mounting, testing, pausing and muting alarms, cleaning and reset of Eve Smoke. 


How Eve Smoke works

Eve Smoke is designed to detect smoke and heat in residential buildings, apartments, and mobile homes. It unites two detection principles: optical smoke detection and thermal differential heat detection.

The smoke sensor detects slow-developing fires which can smolder for hours before flaming. The heat sensor detects fires that develop moderately to rapidly, adding an extra level of detection that standard optical smoke alarms do not provide. A heat alarm is triggered depending on how quickly the air temperature rises (in accordance with the EN 54-5 standard.


Quick Start Guides

Guide de démarrage rapide / guía de inicio rápido / Guida rapida

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