Hi, recently I have updated my home with Eve Thermo (4. Gen). I have a house with 3 floors and have bought 6 devices. 2 for each floor. I'm happily using all Eve Thermo devices except 1 device. This 1 device is mainly not accessible / unreachable. First I thought it is broken, so I replaced it with a new Eve Thermo (4.Gen) but seems that this was not the problem since the problem still continues. This device is located on the upper third floor and there is as well another Eve Thermo (4. Gen) in the same room, probably only 5-7 meters away from the one which is not working. I mainly can however connect to the device when I am myself located in the 3rd floor. Then the problem seems to be no issue, however if I'm outside or on the first floor, mainly the device is not reachable. Since Thread is enabled and used in my Smart Home Network, it should be anyway no issue to connect between the Eve Thermo devices. However I still did get another Thread device and placed it in-between the 2 Eve Thermo's on the third floor, just to eliminate any possible range issue, even these 5-7 meters should be a problem. So, there is now a Thread device between the 2 Eve Thermos with a distance of 3-4 meters to each Eve Thermo. But still, I have connection problems to this particular Eve Thermo device and I'm out of solutions. The Thread Network (on the Eve App) shows "Endpoint" on each Eve Thermo device in my home, except the "faulty" eve Thermo which is shown as unreachable. Could you pls assist to find a solution?
Jan 18, 2024