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Eve Room

Indoor Air Quality Monitor

See air quality, temperature, and humidity at a glance. With a high-contrast e-ink display set in a masterfully crafted aluminum body, easily check the current state of your room's health, and gain insight by delving into past conditions using your iPhone.

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Eve Light Strip

Smart LED Strip

Set the perfect mood via your iPhone or Siri, without relying on a cumbersome bridge. Designed from the ground up to deliver premium illumination, Eve Light Strip radiates the warmest and coolest of whites, plus a full color spectrum spanning every hue you can imagine.

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Eve Energy Strip

Connected Triple Outlet

Triple the control of connected devices via one streamlined connection. Forged from solid aluminum, fortified by superior surge protection, and equipped with a total power consumption sensor. Eve Energy Strip is as much a smart multi-outlet as it is a masterpiece.

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Eve Light Switch

Connected Wall Switch

Soon available in Europe: Eve Light Switch, the easiest way to upgrade your lighting without replacing a single bulb in your home. Control your ambiance via your iPhone, voice commands, or automations, and experience the convenience of connected lighting like never before.

Our gift to you.

For costumers in UK & France: Purchase Eve accessories to the value of 499 € or more and get 50% off an Apple HomePod, or a complimentary Apple TV.