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May 17, 2022

Eve Announces Availability of Eve Outdoor Cam

The first floodlight camera designed exclusively for HomeKit Secure Video goes on sale

San Francisco, California – May 17, 2022 – Eve Systems today announced availability of Eve Outdoor Cam, the first ever floodlight camera designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video. Eve Outdoor Cam comes in an award-winning, robust meta enclosure and features an autonomous, dimmable motion light with an ultra-bright boost. Through end-to-end encryption of live and recorded video, HomeKit Secure Video keeps the user’s data secure at all times. Apple TV or HomePod take over the task of analyzing locally whether it's a person, pet, vehicle or package in the picture. With just a few taps the user chooses when they want to be notified and if they want to make recordings whenever something is up or only if there is specific activity.


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Feb 22, 2022

New Model of Eve Water Guard adds Thread Support

San Francisco – February 22, 2022 – Eve today announced the second generation of Eve Water Guard, enhancing the award winning water leak detector with support for the trailblazing Thread networking technology specifically developed for smart home applications. Using a 6.5 ft / 2 m sensing cable that can be extended to an incredible 490 ft / 150 m, Eve Water Guard detects water leaks and alerts you instantly – visually, audibly and via a notification on your iPhone. 


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Jan 3, 2022

CES 2022: Eve Introduces Eve Outdoor Cam, the Only Floodlight Camera Designed Exclusively for HomeKit Secure Video

Eve Systems today announced Eve Outdoor Cam, the first ever floodlight camera designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video. Eve Outdoor Cam keeps a close eye on the home around the clock and protects the privacy of users’ personal space in the process. Like all Eve devices, Eve Outdoor Cam is built from the ground up to keep data secure. Access to the cam, no matter if the connection is local or remote, is always direct and fully encrypted thanks to the home hub (Apple TV or HomePod). Live images never reach the cloud, not even iCloud. Recordings are stored securely and fully encrypted in your iCloud account. Eve Outdoor Cam is on display at CES 2022 and will be available beginning April 5, 2022, (update: available starting May 17, 2022) from Eve, Amazon and later from Apple at a price of USD $249.95.


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Jan 3, 2022

CES 2022: Eve and Coulisse Announce Immediate Availability of Eve MotionBlinds Motors with Apple HomeKit Technology

Eve, in collaboration with window coverings specialist Coulisse, today announced immediate availability of Eve MotionBlinds, the first connected blinds and shades motors in the market to support Thread. Eve MotionBlinds will be distributed through a growing network of Coulisse resellers that are listed in the store locator on Starting with custom roller shades, Eve MotionBlinds is currently already available at (US), (AU),, and (EU). For Eve, already offering the largest portfolio of Thread-enabled HomeKit accessories today, adding Eve MotionBlinds as their tenth product featuring this technology marks a major milestone in the company’s commitment to transition their low power product line to Thread.


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