Entry Terms Eve – Apple TV/HomePod promo

1. Eligibility

a) Only consumers who are 18 years of age or older and legal residents of the United Kingdom, and Mainland France with a registered bank account and delivery address in the United Kingdom, or Mainland France, are eligible to participate. Dealers and other resellers, their employees, and their dependents are excluded from participating in the promotion. Intermediaries and retailers are not permitted to enter on behalf of their customers.

b) Participation in the promotion cannot be combined with other promotions. In particular, the use of an additional discount code to obtain a further saving is not permitted.

c) The promoter also reserves the right to exclude people who try to obtain a saving by providing false information or engaging in another form of manipulation.


2. Scope of the promotion, devices included in the promotion, and the promotion period

a) The scope of the promotion includes the offer of receiving an Apple ® TV (4th generation) or, for a surcharge of €174.50 incl. sales tax, a HomePod as an additional gift to buy when purchasing Eve products with a combined value exceeding €499.00 incl. sales tax from the Eve Systems online store at evehome.com/store.

b) The offer applies exclusively to the purchase of Eve products from the Eve Systems online store and is limited to products that are currently available.

c) The gift option will be displayed automatically in the shopping cart as soon as the value of the goods exceeds €499.00 incl. sales tax. It is not permitted to retroactively reduce the number of Eve products and still use the Apple gift option.

d) The promotion runs from 01.02.2019 to 28.02.2019 and is subject to availability. The promoter reserves the right to extend the promotion. The promoter is not responsible for the availability of Eve nor, in particular, of Apple products (4th-generation Apple TV and HomePod).


3. How the promotion works

a) The participant must first add the desired products to the shopping cart in the Eve Systems online store. Once the shopping cart value exceeds €499.00 incl. sales tax, the option will be displayed automatically to either add an Apple TV (4th generation) or, for a surcharge of €174.50 incl. sales tax, a HomePod in either black or white. Selecting qualifying products is optional.

b) The customer must complete the purchase successfully using an accepted payment method (PayPal).

c) Shipment of the Apple TV or HomePod product will require a signature on delivery. Consequently, shipments cannot be made to DHL Packstations or post office (P.O.) boxes.

d) The promoter reserves the right to verify each order and to reject it if the customer does not meet the eligibility requirements.

e) As soon as the customer receives the order confirmation, Eve Systems will ship the Eve products to the specified delivery address within the indicated dispatch window. For customers in the United Kingdom and Mainland France, both the optional Apple products and Eve products will be shipped by Eve Systems to the specified delivery address within 3-5 working days. Customers in the United Kingdom and Mainland France will receive shipping information and the tracking number via E-Mail.

f) If within the context of the promotion the order is cancelled due to it being revoked, rescinded, or due to any other reason, the purchaser is no longer entitled to the additional gift and shall undertake to return the Apple TV (4th generation), which was awarded for free/the HomePod, for which a surcharge of €174.50 incl. sales tax was paid, to Eve Systems as well as remove their Apple ID if the device was associated with it. For information on how to remove associated Apple devices, see: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204074 The purchase price will only be refunded once Eve Systems has received the Apple TV (4th generation) or HomePod as well as the returned Eve products.

g) The order cannot be cancelled in part (cancellation of the purchase of a single product from the total amount purchased) within the context of the promotion.


4. Data protection

The participant’s personal data will be stored for the purpose of running the promotion and will be used in particular to inform the participant about the status of promotion fulfilment.

The participant’s delivery address and telephone number will be used for the purpose of running the promotion, and they will be used in particular for the shipment of the Apple product (4th-generation Apple TV/HomePod) and shared with Apple. Furthermore, this data will be compared to data already held by the promoter to avoid duplication of data and verify the eligibility requirements.

The participant may also agree to the further use of their data by agreeing to an additional opt-in. They will then be notified about future Eve offers either by email or by post as well as receive a regular copy of the newsletter and announcements about further promotions.


5. Guarantee under the German Consumer Protection Act (Verbraucherschutzgesetz)

In accordance with German consumer protection laws, consumers may demand a free repair, replacement, discount or refund of the purchase price from the seller for goods that are defective or do not match the product description in the purchase agreement. The purchaser has a right to a 2-year guarantee from the date of delivery.

In accordance with German consumer protection laws, product defects or deviations from the descriptions in the purchase agreement are presumed to have existed at the time of delivery if they become apparent within 6 months following purchase. Once this 6-month period has expired, the consumer must prove that the defect existed or the product deviated from the description in the purchase agreement at the time of delivery.

For further information on German consumer protection laws, see the European Consumer Centres Network: ec.europa.eu/consumers/ecc/contact_en.htm.


 6. Promoter

The promoter is:

Eve Systems GmbH

Rotkreuzplatz 1

80634 München


For questions about the promotion, please contact:

Eve Systems GmbH

Eve Apple TV / HomePod Promo

Rotkreuzplatz 1

D-80634 München

E-Mail: applepromo@evehome.com


7. Closing provisions 

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the promoter reserves the right to discontinue the promotion or to change or amend the terms and conditions of the promotion at any time without notice. The promoter assumes no liability whatsoever for the availability, accessibility, and functionality of the promotion page and any links. The promoter accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage, loss or deletion of data resulting from technical faults or delays, viruses or similar reasons. This promotion is governed by German law. The judges’ decision is final.

8. Terms and Conditions

In addition, our Terms and Conditions apply.