I have the camera for nearly three weeks now and am happy with it. Geofence works fine, though the camera (Home app) thinks I live in a Cologne Cathedral or so. The starting up of the live stream was at first better in the Home app (when I'm away), but since v 4.4 it works smoothly in the Eve app as well. I also did a burglar test and one of the clips starts a second before I enter my home, right before movement was detected (the door was still closed at the beginning of the clip). I wonder how that is possible? For the future I wonder if the camera could work together with the fall detection of the Apple Watch or with other Health apps. That the camera starts streaming (to a relative) as soon as I fall or, let's say, when the watch detects heart problems. I'm healthy now but getting older. It could be handy to use the camera for health domotics as well. Finally the night vision recording plays back too fast (about twice as fast).
Jul 27, 2020