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Water smart. Worry less.

Water smart.
Worry less.

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Your summer vacation is just around the corner. But how will your plants and lawn survive the sweltering heat while you're away? Don’t burden your neighbor. Water smart with an automatic watering system powered by Eve Aqua.


Eve Aqua is a smart water controller that converts your outdoor faucet into an intelligent water outlet. So you can automate your sprinklers and drip systems with little to no effort. 


Set a schedule and sleep in

Eve Aqua allows you to set regular watering schedules so that your water turns on and off automatically at the perfect time.


No work. No worries. 

Water while you’re away 

We all know the weather forecast can change rapidly. With Eve Aqua, you can turn off your faucet or adjust your schedule at any time.


And you don’t need a bridge or a gateway – your schedules are stored right in the device itself. To control Eve Aqua from anywhere, all you need is a HomePod, Apple TV or iPad in the house. That’s it.

Easy installation in minutes

If you think you need to research complicated automatic watering or smart home systems, think again. Installation is a breeze: 


Simply insert the two included batteries and screw Eve Aqua onto your faucet.

Download the free Eve app from the App Store, add Eve Aqua to your accessories, and you’re ready to go. Turn on the faucet and use the app or Siri to turn the water off and on. Or simply press the button on Eve Aqua itself.

Now attach your garden hose to Eve Aqua to connect your sprinkler or potted plant drip system. Eve Aqua is compatible with all commercially available watering systems.

Use Eve’s intuitive app to set automated watering schedules and send them to Eve Aqua. It’s super fast and easy.  


Potted plant perfection 

Potted plants and raised-bed vegetable gardens need to be watered regularly, an inconvenience that can throw a wrench in your weekend getaway plans. Try combining Eve Aqua with a Gardena Micro-Drip System. It’s a perfect solution that won’t break the bank. Learn how to set it up in less than two hours here. Set up a drip irrigation system>



Two-way for twice the convenience

Attach Eve Aqua to a two-way tap connector to use it alongside your garden hose. Learn that and other tricks on our blog.